Aug 22nd, 2014

HTC Flounder WiFi Certification

We’ve been hearing a lot of chatter around the internets in recent months about an HTC Volantis, otherwise known as the HTC Flounder. The tablet, which is rumored to be HTC’s entry for the Nexus 9, recently made a pit stop at the WiFi Alliance.

The tablet’s certification clearly lists HTC Corporation under the company name, along with the tablet’s codename appearing in the firmware as “flounder” and the operating system as “Android version L.” Doesn’t get more obvious than that. Also interesting are the 3 separate model numbers for the HTC tablet: 0P8210000, 0P8220000, and 0P8230000. Now the obvious assumption is that it could be referencing different color options, or possible the usual WiFi/LTE equipped models — but then what about the 3rd? We suppose that’s still anyone’s guess at the moment.

It was back in May we first references to an HTC-made “Flounder” tab appear in AOSP and in June, some of the device’s specs were tipped off. While WiFi Certification doesn’t really tell us too much, it is a clear indication of the device’s existence and that — ever so gently — we’re getting closer to an official release.

[WiFi Alliance: PDF Download]

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