Aug 21st, 2014

When most people hear the words “Net Neutrality” they immediate think of the internet as we know it being destroyed. All of the negativity and confusion around the term “Net Neutrality” is making it difficult to know what box to check that advances their best interest. In order to gain some clarity in the legal debate over Net Neutrality, Congresswoman Anna Eshoo is launching a contest on Reddit to let internet users choose a new name for Net Neutrality. These are our top 10 favorites so far!

10. Freedom to Connect (F2C)

9. The OPEN Internet Act

8. Opting for Parity Equality and Neutrality for all Americans

7. The Net Amendment

6. FreeNet

5. Internet Freedom Act

4. Common Sense

3. Internet Liberty

2. Internet Without Borders

1. The Old McDonald Act: Equal Internet for Everyone Involved Online (EIEIO)

If you want some background on what this whole Net Neutrality thing is, why  you should care, and why it needs a new name, look no further than this excellent video from John Oliver.

How do you feel about rebranding Net Neutrality? Will it make a difference? If so, what names do you like? Leave your own name suggestions in the comments below!

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