@evleaks back for one last leak, posts Moto X+1 press renders for old times’ sake


Moto X1 evleaks

There it is, folks. In all its glory. With the official unveiling no more than 2 short weeks away, it appears @evleaks may have gotten his hands on a few unofficially official press renders of the device. If there was any doubt, the Verizon branding on the back seems to confirm one of the places the device will be headed, although we’ll keep our fingers crossed they wont have too long of an exclusive (if any at all).

The renders confirm what we’ve seen leaked in the past, showing Motorola’s familiar front facing speaker set up and what appears to be 2 LEDs around the camera. The black model looks pretty standard, with the white variant showing what appears to be an aluminum frame and bamboo wood backing. We’re not sure if this will come standard on white models, but we wont have much longer to find out. Motorola’s official press event is currently scheduled for Thursday, Sept 4th.

Phandroid will be reporting live from the event, so mark your calendars.

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  1. Still wondering if its dual speakers or just one in the front

    1. Probably one like the moto e.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is

  2. My interest is now slightly increased. I just need to see what the Nexus brings.

    1. Nothing enough to sway you. The Moto X+1 will be the better device simply because of the camera, battery life, water proofing, and always on function. The Nexus 6 will be similar software wise and have just a bunch of overkill internals.

      1. And you say this based on rumors?

      2. Camera, water proofing and battery life? You must be thinking of a different phone. Moto X is not actually rated for any water resistance and is not safe to seriously use under water. And the other two…my god you’re mistaken.

        1. It would be unusual if the next Nexus phone had better battery life or camera than this phone. I hope it does but let’s be honest.

          1. Why? Based on what, the fact that the current Moto X has such fantastic battery life and camera quality?

          2. There has never been a Nexus phone with really good battery life or camera. Always pretty average in these areas.

          3. I didn’t say there was. But the Moto X has a bad camera and mediocre battery life, no better than the nexus 5 if even as good, do why should we expect the X+1 to be better than the nexus 6? The evidence just isn’t there.

  3. Ugly and I’m not liking it.

  4. Not attractive at all

  5. Too big. Probably not waterproof. Looks like I’ll be sticking with Sony.

    1. If you like sony you can’t criticize this for being big, the xperia’s have huge bezels, and no phone is waterproof just water resistant. Plus motorola coats almost all of its phones with a p2i water resistant coating that’s actually pretty effective.

      1. If a phone can be under 3 ft of water for over 30 minutes, it is waterproof.

      2. I went swimming with my Z1C at LBI a few weeks ago. Took picture underwater. If I can take pictures underwater with my phone, I’m pretty sure I can say it’s waterproof.

        1. Dude no electronic device is water proof clear that our yoyr cabesa

          1. I will let the navy know their nuclear submarines are not waterproof.

          2. I am sure they already know hence why they don’t go too deep or stay under too long, followed by tons of countermeasures. If water starts to seep in too much.. because no sub crew ever lost their lives due to water and its effects…nothing is water proof..only resistant enough pressure enough time enough salt and you are broken

          3. I guess it’s a good thing that I can take my phone with me while snorkeling, and take pictures underwater with no fear, and I can wash my phone off in a sink if it gets dirty, and if I get drunk and drop my phone in a toilet at a club, I know it will be fine. And for me and anybody else, that’s good enough. But by all means, enjoy your semantics argument. It really seems to matter to you.

          4. Yes when your phone hits the toiolet too hard and one of the flaps comes loose I will see, you selling in on ebay …with the rest of the water damaged z family. When you are snorkiling and one of your flaps come loose and h2o,makes it its lady freind. I will see it on ebay..with the rest of the waterfro damaged…z family you are never safe from mother nature don’t forget that.

          5. Or ninjas attack me when the meteorite strikes launched by the aliens from altair-5. Or the illuminati send their gluten chupacabras to brainwash my pet unicorn.

          6. Oh you got jokes, think I am joking about the power of water? Keep doing what you do I am sure it tall work out for you.

          7. Now you’re making me blush

          8. You can never trust the Illuminati these days.

    2. Same here. Haven’t found anything to really top Sony.

      1. I’d love to be wrong. I’d love for Lenovomoto to make them waterproof. I might come running back.

  6. Easily one of the most boring looking designs this year…

  7. I like the bamboo back, but that’s not new to this device and beyond that I don’t see a ton of “wow” factor that makes me say “I have to have it.” But I’ll be at the Moto event so I suppose we’ll see soon enough…

    Bye forever @evleaks!

  8. Looks chubby.

    1. Hoping there’s enough mAh to justify it.

      1. It’s motorola i’m sure there’ll be plenty.

        1. They better give me a MAXX option in Motomaker! :D

  9. Kinda disappointed. Looks a bit cheap or something.

  10. I like it, it is still on my short list of possible upgrades.

  11. I like it more than last year’s ugly ass design, but not much. At least the ugly fat plastic lip is gone from the front.

  12. From the front it looks kinda “galaxy-ish” but without the ugly ass home button, with that being said I kinda like it.

  13. Up vote this if you like the design …Downvote this if you don’t. I’ll Start.

    1. Downvotes don’t show.

      1. Damn. And here I thought I was being clever..

    2. I just want to see the Motomaker customizations. Not sure I’m feeling this black or white model.

      1. Is this still Google or Lenovo Influenced?

        1. 100% Google. Lenovo still does NOT officially have control of Motorola. May not be until next year fully actually last I heard.

          1. I believe you meant Google, not Lenovo.

          2. Thanks. I edited comment to state Lenovo does NOT have control of Moto yet.

  14. I got my one plus one invite today and after paying extra shipping paid $363 for my 64gb they sell on Ebay for $460 should i sell it an the invite for to make $150ish in profit and buy the next nexus or just use the one plus one, i don’t feel like the one plus one would be such a big upgrade over my nexus 5.

    1. Because of people like you the OnePlus One is not getting into hands of the people

      1. I must ask how… if he is selling it, how is it not getting into peoples hands I sold my invite dirt cheap because I couldn’t afford the phone

        1. The biggest selling point of the OnePlus One is its LOW price, if you’re not gonna use it don’t buy it and let someone else get it. Reselling it for more money is just jacking up the price which is what other manufacturers do by themselves (Insert this is why we can’t have nice things meme here). I was lucky enough to get an invite and waiting for for some to give away to my friends who will actually use it.

          1. Supply and demand man if people are willing to pay more for it let them, we can’t have nice things because people are willing to pay more for something isn’t my problem. They sell it for 350 good for them but their practice drove up demand. Do preach from your high horse while i pay bills because someone values it more than me

    2. 460 minus ebay fees is closer to 420.. You aren’t going to find anything close to the OPO for a while. If X+1 pricing at launch is down around 4-450 I’d be surprised. I’d guess 5-550 with it dropping down around the holidays. I have the OPO and like it. There are software quirks but the latest 4.4.4 update helped a great deal. Just waiting for everything to get ironed out. I also sold a phone (i had 2 invites), and then gave another invite away on the forum, and finally sold 3 more invites on ebay. I’m sure some think selling the phone or invites is terrible, but oh well. I think I sold them for $20, not trying to gouge, just make a little cash so I can buy the 360 when it gets released.

  15. It looks ugly. The only thing saving this phone is the Active display and touchless control

  16. Take my money! Im still hoping for a SD card slot but I will take the phone in any way they give it to me. Hope they have an awesome active car dock too. Check out the Moto X+1 Google+ Community! https://plus.google.com/communities/107171098477057846381

  17. I want those speakers.

  18. Checks pants…yep cream…I creamed them

  19. All this concern about looks. It looks like a phone. Pretty much like every other smarphone looks like a phone. It’s not a piece of jewelry Get over it.

  20. Any chance this might be a fake? Because I really hope it is…

  21. Da Verizon logo looks hot!

  22. i remember people calling the original moto x ugly when it leaked before it launched

  23. Awesome if unlocked GSM version is still $400…

  24. Looking forward to this announcement. The Moto X is without question my favorite non-Nexus. Not crazy about the shiny huge rear camera cover or M logo though.

  25. but not much. At least the ugly fat plastic lip is gone from the front.

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