Aug 18th, 2014

verizon single line plan

Folks not interested in going the Share / MORE Everything route will be happy to know that a new affordable single line plan has been made available for Verizon. The carrier’s new plan brings you unlimited text messages and talk minutes, plus 2GB of data for $60 per month. That becomes $50 if you are using Verizon Edge, which makes it a pretty decent deal up against the competition. Overages are $15 for every 1GB you go over in case you were wondering.

The line is meant for folks who use just one smartphone device — no tablets allowed. Have multiple devices? The More Everything plan might be more your style. It might not still be the absolute best value you can get in mobile (T-Mobile makes it quite difficult these days), but for Verizon’s standards this is a pretty neat option if all you want is a no-frills plan that doesn’t come with many hooks or moving parts. You’ll be able to get the plan on an existing or new line by logging into My Verizon, heading into a retail store or giving them a ring.

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