Verizon reveals new $60 single line plan with 2GB of data, unlimited talk + text


verizon single line plan

Folks not interested in going the Share / MORE Everything route will be happy to know that a new affordable single line plan has been made available for Verizon. The carrier’s new plan brings you unlimited text messages and talk minutes, plus 2GB of data for $60 per month. That becomes $50 if you are using Verizon Edge, which makes it a pretty decent deal up against the competition. Overages are $15 for every 1GB you go over in case you were wondering.

The line is meant for folks who use just one smartphone device — no tablets allowed. Have multiple devices? The More Everything plan might be more your style. It might not still be the absolute best value you can get in mobile (T-Mobile makes it quite difficult these days), but for Verizon’s standards this is a pretty neat option if all you want is a no-frills plan that doesn’t come with many hooks or moving parts. You’ll be able to get the plan on an existing or new line by logging into My Verizon, heading into a retail store or giving them a ring.

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  1. I mean, it’s ok. But how much is it after a phone 2 yr/edge payment and insurance? Lol

  2. It’s about time they made an affordable plan. They are still the only carrier that doesn’t support Nexus so I couldn’t recommend to anyone.

    That been said they are good otherwise, since my corporate paid phone is Verizon I have no choice anyway, not wasting money on a personal phone.

    1. Once they go full VoLTE, there will be nothing stopping us, except the prospect of overages…

      1. Does that mean you won’t be able to talk and surf the web at the same time? I find myself doing that more often than not.

        1. You can do that now on Verizon. They use CDMA for voice and LTE for data, so you can do simultaneous voice and data on Verizon. On certain models, you can also do simultaneous voice and data on CDMA only (referred to as SVDO). With voice over LTE (VoLTE) you can also simultaneous voice and data, but in addition, it should be easier to bring devices like the Nexus line to Verizon since all carriers would be using the same tech, even though they’re different bands. But with the unlocking bill now made law, buying a phone from any carrier should allow for use on any carrier, assuming the OEM includes those bands on their device. But since that would mean that they’d only have to make one model for all carriers, it would certainly simplify things for them as well.

  3. Nope. Staying with Straight Talk on my Maxx. Unlimited talk/text, 3gb of high speed data and unlimited 3g data for 45$

    1. For me its $45 for three weeks I end up adding a new cars after the three gb to reset my data after I get throttled I wish they had a 5gb option for 60 I would hop on it I know metro has a $60 unlimited option but I like using the AT&T towers better than T-Mobile as I unlocked my phone and left T-Mobile. I love having lte everywhere better than switching from lte to edge every other Street.

  4. Looks like I need to have a chat with Verizon about getting that extra 1GB of data since this plan came out two months after I joined.

    1. May the odds be eva in your favor.

      1. They were! That extra GB will come in handy from time to time.

  5. But don’t you still need to pay a fee per phone to use their network? Or is that only for the first month?

    1. From what I’ve heard, that only applies to shared plans, since there are different charges for different devices (smart phones, tablets, mifi, etc.). Supposedly the cost of the device is included in the plan cost.

  6. Its a good plan besides the data portion of it. I think most people would need at least 3 to 4 gbs of data to use their phones comfortably without worrying about going over the data limit, especially these days. But Verizon is more about money than anything else so I get it. But the amount of data apps use now is increasing so they will make a ton off of overages smh.

    1. Luckily most android devices have the built in data warnings/limits that can be set to avoid problems. I do 50GB warning myself on T-Mobile’s unlimited, to avoid suspicion.

    2. My mom only uses like 200-300MB a month. I’m like “WTF!?” LoL!!

      1. Yea that’s crazy lol, I average between 6 and 12 GBs a month… That plan would be perfect for her. Does she even use a smart phone??

  7. Looks like they are listening to all my complaining i’ve been doing over the last 2 years. But i’ve already fixed them. I’ve got 4 GB with unlimited talk and text for $65/mo on their All-Set plan. No contracts FTW! only thing i’ve noticed, is that they have absolutely ZERO customer service for people off contract. I used to get through to a person quick when calling, now i have to play the please press 4/2/1/3 operator BS game for 30 mins. Oh well.

    1. You might be better with the straight talk option like Jeffrey Tarman.

      1. what network is straight talk on? I get verizon’s network with 4 GB of LTE, unlimited talk/text, tethering, and data last for 3 months (not that i wont use it before then). In south Louisiana, verizon is just about the only carrier that works for me in the swamp where I work. In other words, i’d pay a little premium for their network, even though i hate that b*stards.

        1. You can choose AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon, at $45/month.The only problem is no roaming options.

        2. For straight Talk it depends on the phone you use as they use all 4 national carriers for service/towers. My issue with Straight Talk is that they killed my data completely for a month and a half for watching a single low quaily 5min youtube video so I will never touch Straight Talk with a 1000000E0 foot pole personally.

          1. good info. I’ll give verizon another go for a while. I love not being on contract and having options. We need more people getting off contract so we can force all their hands.

  8. I called to ask, and yes as an existing EDGE customer they would let me switch ONLY IF I accept to get in one year contract agreement (even though I have EDGE) and I ask myself.. Why in the hell would I want to get in a 1 year contract when I’m already paying for my phone full price with EDGE??… greedy bastards at Verizon!! so Yeah needless to say I did not switch!.. just thought I would share my experience trying to switch…

  9. Ahhh I see they retitled the “Customer Loyalty” plan for the masses. Been on this plan for a lil over a year thanks to slickdeals :P

  10. It is a promotion, there is no guarantee it will last forever. It runs from 8/15 to 9/30. You get: Unlimited talk and text, 2GB of data (billed $15 per/1GB for overages) and you qualify for World Messaging Unlimited (texts from the US to other countries) for $5 extra per month. You do not get the hotspot feature, that means no tethering.

    It is available for new phone activations or upgrades ONLY. The upgrade has to be from a basic or smartphone to a smartphone. No tablets, hotspots, etc. You can use Family Based on this plan. Believe it or not, there are plans that don’t have access to a paid feature like Family Base. Strangely enough, you cannot use the Text Blocking feature on this plan. Yes, you cannot block yourself sending unlimited texts, OH NOES! This doesn’t mean that you cannot block unwanted texts coming in, it means that you cannot shut down texting entirely.

    There is no extra fee for your device, unlike the MORE Everything plans that require a Line fee for each device. No need to worry about that extra 40 dollar fee for your smartphone. This is a pretty good deal, if you are Verizon customer or need the coverage that they provide. It does qualify for Edge (and the $10 discount), but if you are already on an Edge Plan you would have to enter into a contract to enroll in this plan. It isn’t quite as bad as it sounds. Most VZW customers generally stick with the service and it does not hurt any of your Edge-related “upgrades”, it just keeps you with Verizon for 12 months.

    1. “It is available for new phone activations or upgrades ONLY.”

      This is incorrect. I have been with Verizon for two months, just got off the chat with them and they changed my plan to this one from the original plan which matched unlimited talk, text, and 1GB Data for $60/mo. Didn’t have to pitch a fit or anything to get it. Less than 5 minutes total on the chat.

      1. Do you currently have an Edge phone?

          1. You got pretty lucky, then. Plan code 91382 does have some basic restrictions, as outlined above. Regardless, for the price it is hard to beat.

          2. The initial 1GB data + unlimited talk/text plan for $60 I signed up for was hidden a little bit on the Verizon website. When I went on yesterday to see about the upgrade to 2GB data, it stated my current plan was no longer available. The chat rep fixed me right up with the 2GB for $60.

          3. Indeed. The 2GB plan for that, which was $75, is not available during this promotion. Based on the popularity of this promotion it might never come back. It makes a lot more sense now that they would move you over instead of asking you to potentially wait until the end of September for a plan that may not return. Thank you for clarifying the situation.

            Enjoy your extra data. =)

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