Rumor: LG bringing OLED-equipped G Watch sequel to IFA Berlin


LG G Watch Android Wear DSC06104

It’s only been a short couple of months since LG launched their G Watch Android Wear smart watch, but a very interesting rumor from Korea Times suggests they’re already looking to introduce a follow-up. According to them, LG is crafting a smart watch with an OLED display manufactured by their display wing. It’ll be running Android Wear and uses a Qualcomm processor if the rumors are to be believed, though that’s all Korea Times was able to indulge about the follow-up.

So how soon could we see it? Their report suggests LG will bring it with them to IFA next month, though the company reportedly has yet to decide whether to show it to the public or just keep it behind closed doors for showing to potential clients in the retail and wireless sectors.

It’d be a pretty big blow to anyone who decided to hop onto LG’s train when the original G Watch first landed. Such is the life of an early adopter, unfortunately. We saw much of the same with Samsung’s Gear lineup, though Samsung admitted that the original Gear was more of an opportunity to “test the waters.” LG didn’t say any such thing about the G Watch. We wouldn’t recommend selling your LG G Watch in anticipation of a follow-up on the off-chance that this rumor turns out to be true, but you should certainly keep your eyes focused squarely on IFA for possible further developments.

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    1. That is neither a confirmation nor a denial that there will be an updated version soon. LG simply said nothing has been officially announced yet.

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