Aug 12th, 2014

OnePlus One Ladies First promo

In an update to this morning’s post on a OnePlus contest gone awry, OnePlus has officially taken down their ‘Ladies First’ promotion, removing the contest post from their forums and all posts on social media. The contest quickly turned sh*t show after the internet blamed the contest of being sexist — not because of the subject matter, mind you — but because of the way it forum members had to “rate” women based on their appearance. This was all done for a chance at winning a OnePlus One, invites, and other cool prizes.

Even Cyanogen Inc., the Android developers responsible for the software that runs on the OnePlus One, attempted to distance themselves from the contest. Addressing claims of sexism, staff member and forum administrator Carl agreed the promo was “in bad taste.” Here’s the full statement, which has yet to be posted on any of their social media:

“Women make up half the world, and we want to help them be more involved in tech. We understand that our contest was in bad taste, and have therefore pulled it. All participants will be contacted for prizes.

We apologize and we will course correct for the future. At the same time, we would love to hear your feedback on how we can better get women involved in tech.”

Still, despite all the outrage across the interwebs, the contest still saw a few lovely young ladies participating with or without the contest, posting “selfies” of themselves beside OnePlus logos. In fact, another young woman — who seems to have understood better than most what the contest was really about — had no problem posing in her underwear in a separate thread (after the contest thread was taken down) at a 2nd attempt at snagging an invite from the forum’s mostly male members. Guess she never got the memo.

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