MONZO allows you to build virtual model kits if you don’t have flexible fingers for the real deal



One pastime that doesn’t get nearly as much love as it should is building model kits. Whether it be assembling your favorite miniature train or building a mini table or chair, there’s little more satisfying than taking a bunch of components, putting it altogether, painting it up and putting it on display.

For those who don’t quite have what I like to call “handyman hands,” a new app is headed your way. Monzo, made by the folks at Madfinger Studios, will allow you to partake in this activity in digital form. Madfinger Studios says they’ve worked hard to make the experience as true to life as they possibly can, with rich visuals and animations providing a realistic construction process that can be as educational as it is fun.

Models, such as a vintage speedster that catches your eye, can be purchased from the Monzo store right from within the app. From there you’re taking through the experience of “unpacking” all your materials. They even have assembly instructions for those who need a bit of help. The fact that you don’t need to use physical tools and parts makes it accessible for folks of all ages (so you can get your toddlers hooked on the hobby before they’re able to graduate from the simply joy of Legos).


After assembly and dressing it up in the paint that you want, you can share your models with friends and family by exporting it to social networks. We’re not sure if a digital concoction can end up being more satisfying than something you can actually set on your mantle, but perhaps it’ll serve as a nice “gateway drug,” of sorts, to introduce you to the real thing.

Unfortunately Madfinger doesn’t yet have an exact release date or window to share with us, though we’ll be digging to see how soon that “coming soon” label on their website really means. In the meantime you can get a taste of Monzo by checking out the short teaser above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Be even cooler if you ended up with glue all over your finger tips like the old days.

  2. The world is becoming stupid. Can stupidity be made virtual? Why yes it can!

  3. It’s by madfinger. Who just recently discovered the lucrative market known as F2P. (dead trigger)

    Are we all surprised here?

    I thought that this read as create your own digital models. They can’t be serious.

    1. Ha. You must be new. Glu alone blows them out of the water. Plus unlike their new Dinohunter game you don’t get lock out of more than half your hunts if you don’t wanna pay cash.

      It was the Android version of Dead Trigger that forced them to go IAP due to piracy when gamers couldn’t even afford 99 ccents. It maybe be a waiting game for stuff to unlock but you aren’t locked out entirely. Just grind.

  4. Cooler if you could send it to your 3D printer after you do it.

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