Madden Mobile launches alongside Madden 15 on August 26th


madden mobile

Football fans have another game coming their way as EA looks to capitalize on their successful Madden franchise. The latest release for consoles — Madden NFL 15 — is set to launch August 26th, and EA wants to commemorate that with a timely mobile game.

Simply dubbed “Madden Mobile,” the game won’t get you realistic grid-iron action like you’d be able to get from a full release, but it should satiate your need to throw the old pigskin around should you find yourself needing entertainment one boring day. The game is apparently designed from the ground up to be touch-friendly, including a simple, context-sensitive action button and a virtual analog stick for movement.

One of the featured modes in Madden Mobile will look to take on the spirit of Madden Ultimate Team, a collectible card game that lets you build a team consisting of player cards that you pull from packs. You can either take on single challenges with Live Events or commit to a more traditional 16 game season format. Not much else is known about the game at this point, but you know we’ll be looking to get our hands on it as we lead up to Madden’s release in just two weeks’ time.

[via IGN]

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  1. Really hope it’s not like the last one where to really get ahead you have to purchase so much IAPs. I’d rather pay $5 or $6 for the app and be done with it. But, this is EA, the king of IAPs, much like Gameloft has become.

  2. Too bad they’ll ruin this game w/ a s**t load of IAP’s :(

    1. rite anyways they bought the dam market . no other football games to buy. madden is just dull

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