Sony Xperia Z2 spends 6 weeks submerged in over 32 feet of ocean water, lives to tell the tale


Sony Xperia Z2 Damaged_1

Once thought of as only a luxury, it seems waterproofed Android devices are fast becoming a trend ’round these parts. While there are some obvious trade-offs that must be made (having a flap cover your USB port, or sucky speaker quality), generally the benefits of your smartphone surviving a dip in the toilet outweigh these small inconveniences.

Although not officially available subsidized through any US carrier at the moment, the Sony Xperia Z2 is such an Android device who’s claim to fame — along with top tier hardware specs — is its IP58 certified waterproofing. Although the rating only guarantees the device can be kept under about 1.5m of fresh water for 30 minutes, it appears the phone can endure much more than that.

Sony Xperia Z2 Damaged_2

During a weekend of jet skiing and fun in the sun, an Xperia Z2 owner accidentally dropped his smartphone into the ocean, where it sank to unreachable depths (about 32 feet). Figuring there was nothing more they could do and the phone was gone forever, it was 6 weeks later a friend, equipped with some scuba gear, decided to go fish it out. The phone suffered a cracked back (a result of one of the worst smartphone design choices since ever) although it was fully functional once charged. Again, pretty crazy considering the IP58 rating recommends the phone not be submerged for more than 30 minutes and not in salt water, and not in those kind of depths.

Given this extreme stress test we have to admit, we feel a little more secure in taking our newly purchased Sony Xperia Z2 into the tub for bath time. Thanks, Sony.

[via XperiaBlog]

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  1. Why is there a crack in the back of the phone?

    1. This phone spent 6 week’s under water and still works and you are wondering about the crack on the back? lol

      1. We could turn it around to say… it survived 6 weeks under water with a crack in the back!

    2. Could be when it sank like a stone or pressure

    3. Because a lobster thought it was food and cracked it. Ok, mystery solved.

  2. They need to make an IP rating for up to 6 weeks at 32 feet.

    1. Technically, an x8 IP rating means that it can withstand extended submersion, although the specifics are usually left to the manufacturer to define. It’s the highest water protection rating that specifically addresses submersion, as an x9 rating means that it has to withstand high-pressure water jets from multiple directions as well.

  3. If find this very hard to believe… My Z1C was water damaged from a light rinse off due to space between the frame and front glass. It was nice for 3 months but hardly a water proof device.

  4. Worst design choice? Naw…I love my Sony Xperia Z Ultra and the glass panels have never cracked.

  5. I have xperia Z1, and recomended !!

  6. Free publicity for Sony. Now, if only it was affordable.

    1. Just as expensive as a Samsung or HTC. In my country anyway.

  7. my Xperia Z1 was submerged 20 seconds 1 foot in a pool and the freaking camera lens was full of water, Sony at its finest, I so regretted i got that damn thing, cant wait for Note 4

    1. You probably didn’t have all the compartments closed properly.

  8. I have the Z2, it’s a great phone! The only issue I have is Sony’s release schedule, with the Z3 coming so soon already, makes my new phone feel old.

    1. Why are you bothered by the rumored Z3 having exact same internals as the Z2? lol
      It’s more like a Z2s that’s going to be on T-Mobile like the Z1s was.

    2. Sony said their goal was to release a new phone every 6 months. In my opinion there will be minimal differences in these phones where big changes will come every 2yrs. This gives them the ability to charge more for each because it is the “new” phone on the market.

  9. Hopefully the Note 4 has the same IP58 certification. Otherwise I’m hoping the Z3 comes to Verizon!

    1. Rumor has it Verizon will get the Z2 hopefully as soon a a few days from now while the Z3 will go back to Tmobile.

      1. I wish my state had better T-Mo coverage… I’d switch in a heartbeat

  10. Sometimes my phone falls of the seat of my car and I cant find it without calling it. They came back to the exact location and found it 6 weeks later in 32 feet of water…ok.

  11. Worst design choice ever? I see you’re still butthurt about your Nexus 4. This is rich coming from an HTC fanboy. I wonder how the ONE would fare after a dip in the ocean. No I don’t, it would be a brick. But at least you wouldn’t have a cracked back… probable just a shattered screen. Yeah that’s better.

    1. Lol.

    2. Youre a moron. As if anyone would/could spend six weeks under water

      1. You’re funny.

  12. Does anyone like pie?

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