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nGroove groovin

It’s been a good couple of years ago since we last told you guys about the Mountek nGroove CD slot car mount for smartphones and phablets. Finding a good, solid car mount is thing to do these days, but we fell in love with Mountek’s design which puts to use that old CD slot gathering dust inside your car. Over years, the car mount has gotten more than enough good use and we find it’s one of the best purchases we’ve made through the years. We absolutely love it.

Normally priced at $25, Mountek’s nGroove CD slot car mounts are the subject of today’s Amazon Gold Box deal. The 24 hour deal sees both the nGroove Grip (picture above) and nGroove Snap (magnetic) discounted a full 36% and 52%, respectively. That’s an insane deal for a product we gave a glowing review back in 2012.

In fact, you can find our review should you still find yourself a little wary of making an impulse buy and while a CD slot design probably isn’t for everyone, it definitely comes in handy should you find yourself streaming all your music from your Android device (I mean, who uses CDs anymore?).

The deal wont last long and is only valid until the end of today. So, if you’ve been looking for a solid car mount (one that wont obstruct your view), links to purchase the Mountek nGroove on Amazon can be found below. Cheers!

Mountek nGroove CD slot car mount ($16)

Mountek nGroove Snap 2 CD slot car mount ($19)

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Not sure I want something that blocks all the rest of the audio controls.

    1. Not in every car. Lol

    2. Not sure I want something that’s puts leverage on something that wasn’t designed for any.

    3. Don’t most cars have the audio control on the steering wheels anyways?

      Well… I guess that would be vehicle-dependent.

  2. Might as well take this opportunity to thank you for the earlier review. Got one and I love it — much more solid and more versatile than other mounts I have tried. That said, the plastic around my CD slot seems to be a little bit bent now, but I can live with it.

    1. Kinda noticed the same after some of the hotter months. I figured I might have tightened it too much. Ha

  3. Hey how does the magnet one work? Do you have to put an adhesive on your phones back? Or does your phone just attach? What if you have a case like an otterbox on your phone?

  4. I have this one and love it. Blocks a few number buttons I almost never use in my 2008 Ford Focus.

    1. Same here. Nothing too major.

  5. I like mine better. Not only does it charge my phone but is a FM transmitter (those of us too poor to have a car with bluetooth). It also was only $5 and free shipping on Amazon.

  6. I’ve had this for a couple years now and can say it’s when of the best purchases I ever made!

  7. I prefer vent mounts, as they keep the phone cool. When I’m using GPS (screen at high brightness, GPS for accurate positioning, and spoken turn by turn), pandora (streaming over LTE radio) through my phone’s bluetooth audio, pretty much every aspect of the phone is engaged and the phone gets pretty damn hot. Add in a charging cable and you can see how this would be murder on the device. Using a vent mount mitigates all of this. My two preferred mounts are the Tetrax Xway (more flexible in phone/case compatibility, but requires a magnet on your phone/case) and the Kenu Airframe (fits most medium phones/cases, but won’t work with a Galaxy Note in a case).

    1. Its there no winter where you live? Sometimes HOT air blows or of the vents

      1. I have one of them thar newfangled cars where you can select which vent(s) the air comes out. In summer, I have the AC come out the front vents directly on the phone. In the winter I have the heat come out the window defrost and the bottom to keep the window defogged and my feet warm.

        My first car was a 1987 Plymouth Horizon and even it let me do this…

        1. That’s quite an expensive way to keep your phone cool. Do you know how much gas you waste on AC?

          1. I only use the AC when it’s hot. The phone being cooled is a bonus, not the primary function.

        2. LOL, then how about one o’ dem newfangled phones that won’t blow up using more than one thing…..

  8. Um, lots of people, including myself still use CDs

    1. Then use a different mount.

  9. I had that one, but like this one better:

    it lets you adjust the position so your more likely to be able to find a way to NOT be covering up half of your buttons. Either way, love having the ability to put my phone front and center.

  10. Am I missing something; the links do not reflect the Gold Box Deal prices… is it over?

    1. It ended yesterday.

  11. Has anyone tried the magnetic version with the GS5?

  12. Automatic transmission? My mother drives one of those.

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