Moto X+1 tipped for a September 25th launch on Verizon Wireless, could arrive sooner/later on other carriers


Teak Motorola Moto X

It really doesn’t seem too far a stretch to expect Motorola will launch a followup to their current flagship — the Motorola Moto X — a year after it’s been available on the market. That’s generally how the timing of these big sequels work.

Launching last year on August 23rd, we’re fast approaching that original launch date without a single word from Motorola on their upcoming flagship, the Motorola Moto X+1. Despite being the subject of multiple leaks around the net, the Moto X+1’s launch date has proven much more difficult to peg down. But today, we may finally have a better idea of when we can expect it to hit stores.

The folks at Droid-Life seem to have it on good authority that the phone will launch on Verizon Wireless come September 25th. Keep in mind that while this may prove to be true, last year we saw AT&T nab exclusive rights to launch the phone before anyone else, so it’s entirely possible this could one again be the case for the X+1.

As the leaks continue rolling and this new rumored launch date approaches, expect more to be revealed in the coming weeks.

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  1. Well, at least now we know the 360 isn’t releasing for another month.


  2. Don’t care about the X+1, but I’m pretty annoyed that we won’t see the 360 for 6 more weeks.

    1. First world problems huh?

      1. Well, I do live and work in the first world, why would I have 3rd world problems?

  3. Ahhhhhh more of this exclusivity bullshit

    1. You mean it doesn’t make you want to switch carriers to At&t? Lol

  4. The longer the wait the higher çhance of it being my next device over the z3

  5. I would hate to see this be an exclusive again for a few months… just release to the world and let us enjoy already

  6. Pass, im waiting on the M9 next year.

    1. Z4

  7. IPhone 6 here, I’m good

    1. Android a bit too complicated for you? If the iPhone doesn’t work out for you, I have an old Nextel flip phone I’ll give you.

    2. MotoX+1 DE FTW.

  8. Hmm… Maybe I did make the right choice by going ahead and getting that Oneplusone. I waited for you Moto!!

    1. I’m getting another OnePlus One. Should be here in a few days :)

      1. Sweet. If you liked it that much, that means I won’t have any problem making the switch from my Nexus 5.

      2. How are you getting invites?

      3. Have any invites laying around?

  9. I’m getting that new Moto X, as well as it’s +1 for sure!

  10. Thats how they seem to be doing it these days…

  11. Really couldn’t care less about the moto x, just give us the 360 already!!!!

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