Leaked Sony IFA 2014 invite reveals new phone, lens camera, and more


Sony IFA 2014 invite

As Sony prepares for its big IFA 2014 showing, a tipster appears to have leaked the manufacturer’s press invite a bit earlier than intended. Typically, invites don’t provide us with much info other than a time and date for a keynote, but Sony’s invite is much more revealing.

Confirming rumors the Japanese OEM will be talking about an all new Xperia phone at the event, the invite shows off a side profile of a new phone. It’s tough to make out, but we’re almost certain this is either the oft leaked Sony Xperia Z3 or the Z3 Compact. Current rumors point to a slightly refreshed Xperia smartphone — the Xperia Z3 — carrying largely similar specs to the already revealed Sony Xperia Z2. Also, FCC filings have revealed the phone may already be on its way to T-Mobile here in the US.

In between what appears to be some kind of Bluetooth speaker and all-in-one computer is an all new lens camera as well. While we can’t say we’ve ever actually seen anyone using either the Sony QX10 or QX100 out in the wild, it appears they may have done well enough to warrant an update (although the specifications of this new model are still very much a mystery).

Really not too many surprises here (you can thank the constant flow of leaks for that), but we’re still excited to see what Sony will unveil during this year’s show. They certainly have their competition. Samsung is gearing up to reveal the next generation Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and possibly the aluminum clad Samsung Galaxy Alpha.


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  1. Hey Chris, are you guys podcasting today? I don’t see an event for it.

    Nvm, it just went live.

  2. One of my friend has QX10 and she loves it. That’s about the only one person I have actually seen owning one lol

  3. The profile shot looks nothing like the Z3 leaks. It still has the flat edges.

  4. so a month to see the new z3 and if it supports 700mhz black a….

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