Aug 7th, 2014

verizon push to talk plus

If you have a small business or run the IT operation for your corporation and find yourself needing a push-to-talk solution, Verizon’s got a new answer for you. Push to Talk Plus, as they call it, is a 4G-powered solution that works with quite a few of Verizon’s top 4G smartphones, and gives you some great features that mitigate the usual terrible circumstances of, say, a conference call.

For starters, a Group Leader function allows one individual to take over a call at any time, allowing them to step in and lay down the law in the event that their employees get a bit too chatty. Late Join and Rejoin also make it easy for callers to drop in and out of a push-to-talk session without interrupting the group or having to restart the entire call.

Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as installing an app to any 4G-enabled phone. So far, only the Samsung Galaxy S5, Casio G’zOne Commando 4G LTE and the Motorola DROID MAXX are confirmed to be compatible. Verizon also anticipates getting it up and running for the rugged Kyocera Brigadier whenever it comes out. Verizon says there are more phones on tap, but didn’t go into further detail. That said, you can be sure we’ll reach out to see if we can find a full list.

Want in on it? The service is going for $5 per month, though the first six months are free for you to try out. Not a bad deal if your business is in need of a communications overhaul. Business owners are urged to contact their B2B reps if they want to know more.

[via Verizon]