Aug 7th, 2014


It’s easy enough to share your HTC One M8’s UFocus photos (taken with the device’s dual cameras) with friends after they’ve been manipulated and exported, but what if you wanted to allow your friends to manipulate the photos themselves? They’d typically need an HTC One M8, but the latest update to the HTC Gallery update changes all of that.

You can now share your UFocus photos with friends on the web. Sharing a UFocus-equipped camera shot will allow you to upload it to a public gallery. Simply share the link with your friends, and they can manipulate things such as focus, the foregrounder tool and more.

It’s not the most groundbreaking feature you’re ever going to see, but if your friends were wondering how you were able to get different focus levels on the same shot you can now show them without having to hand them your phone. Neato. The upgrade is sitting in the Google Play Store if you own an HTC One M8.

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