Drake vs Lil Wayne tour gets its own interactive Street Fighter inspired Android app


Drake vs Lil Wayne app Android

The Drake vs Lil Wayne tour officially kicks off this Friday and for fans attending the event, they’ll be able to interact with the artists in a while new way thanks to a a companion app built for Android (and iOS) devices. A collaboration between October’s Very Own, Young Money Entertainment and Capcom, the app — DvsLW — was put together by Los Angeles-based iam8bit, a production company that often hosts art shows and other social events at their venue in Echo Park.

DvsLW allows concert goers interact with artists on-stage by sending “power ups” from their phone. By button mashing virtual arcade buttons found in the app, fans can build up either Drake or Lil Wayne’s power meter where the results will be reflected live on stage via the jumbo trons. It’s not entirely clear exactly how this will affect performances, but we’re guessing it will be used like a voting method to pick which artist won in a rap battle. Should be interesting.

There have been other tour-specific apps in the past, some of which allowed attendees to choose the next song in an artists playlist. While DvsLW doesn’t have that functionality, it is a fun way to connect concert-goers with the artists they love. The app has a few other features as well, featuring Drake/Lil Wayne/Street Fighter themed stickers that can be applied to photos (likely taken at the event). You can find the app for free via the Play Store link below.

Download on Google Play: Drake vs Lil Wayne

For a list of Drake vs Lil Wayne tour dates, head over here.

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  1. Who cares? (besides the obvious hilarity of imagining these two douchebag egotists fighting each other)

    1. I mean, it’s not MY type of music, but these guys have sold millions of albums worldwide. I would think someone out there is a fan…

    2. Why do they have to be douchebags? Just because that’s not the genre of music you listen to doesn’t mean no one cares. Yeah I’m a phandroid & I listen to these two!

      1. Wayne is constantly rapping about shitting in his toilet and drake just mumbles shit. But that’s just my opinion. Lol

      2. Can I call them douchebags if this is the genre of music I listen too?

        1. You can do whatever you want it’s your opinion. I just don’t see it fair if you don’t even listen to this type of music. It’s like me calling Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift douchebags. I don’t even listen to them

  2. It’d be nice if both of their plagues on humanity would end. Talentless morons. I enjoy rap but neither of these two.

  3. I personally don’t know them to call them a Moran…..I mean…..they could be the kindest people in the world in person but boneheads on TV. Either way I listen to both of them.

  4. #capcom

  5. I don’t care that they’re using a sf theme, I’m just sad that Capcom has officially sold out.

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