Aug 7th, 2014

Android L Preview

Earlier today we told you guys about the sudden update to Android L (LPV81C) that Google uploaded. While anticipate the reason for the update had more to do with Google Fit support than anything (the preview SDK just went live for developers), we were excited to dig around and check for anything else that might be new.

Of course, we’re expecting only the latest versions of Google’s apps were included and decided to dump them into a folder for anyone looking to update whatever they like. For those interested, the app repository (which includes 2 folders of apps) can be found in our own Google Drive folder here.

Android Google apks apps

Some apps can be installed over existing ones like normal, others may need something a little more forceful (like pushing through ADB or flashing via zip file). In either case, you now have access to everything from the the latest Android L Preview. Have at it.

[Android L LPV81C apps]

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