Fresh out the oven: Google apps extracted from the latest Android L update (LPV81C)


Android L Preview

Earlier today we told you guys about the sudden update to Android L (LPV81C) that Google uploaded. While anticipate the reason for the update had more to do with Google Fit support than anything (the preview SDK just went live for developers), we were excited to dig around and check for anything else that might be new.

Of course, we’re expecting only the latest versions of Google’s apps were included and decided to dump them into a folder for anyone looking to update whatever they like. For those interested, the app repository (which includes 2 folders of apps) can be found in our own Google Drive folder here.

Android Google apks apps

Some apps can be installed over existing ones like normal, others may need something a little more forceful (like pushing through ADB or flashing via zip file). In either case, you now have access to everything from the the latest Android L Preview. Have at it.

[Android L LPV81C apps]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Google Drive tells me I don’t have permission to access the folder…..

    1. Should be public now.

      1. Thank you for fixing the link,all is well.

        1. He posted a link to a new folder. He is also adding the priv-apps as well.

        2. Refresh this post, I’ve included an all new link.

          1. Done.
            Once again,THX! :-)

  2. Yep. Requested access

  3. Anybody been able to get the material styled calendar functioning?

    1. What version are you trying to run it on? Do you have any specific errors?

      1. Running 4.4.2 on galaxy S5. No errors at all, calendar functions fine, just don’t have the material design showing, only the older design. Installed the apk fresh without having any previous versions of google calendar. Guessing a limitation of not having L version android? Or maybe there’s something else to install along side. Thought it would be just as easy as running the L keyboard and changing theme.

          1. Damn. Was very hopeful. I like the calendar in material style over the current ui. Cheers for the feedback. Will just have to wait a little longer for the official release!

        1. There isn’t a material design calendar yet that I’m aware of and I’m running the L preview

  4. Why google drive? You would have to grant permission to every user…..why not use Mega?

    LMAO!! Phandroid tried to do something new…let us just stick to mirror links please…TY

    1. Google drive can share publicly no problem. They just have to set the permissions correctly.

    2. Chris just posted the wrong link. He should update soon.

    3. Google Drive is WAY superior to Mega. You don’t have to grant permissions to every user, there are no file size limitations, and best of all, no annoying pop ups and ads all over the place.

    4. You *can* publicly share with Google Drive.

  5. Says that there a problem parsing the package. What do I do now? Nexus 5

    1. Go home, your phone is drunk

      1. Your mother

  6. If there isn’t much functionality change over the current versions of the apps I think I’ll just wait ’till the finalized versions with the fancy animations come out.

  7. Is there a good guide for how to get them all to install. Get a lot of not installed and cant parse

    1. Yes, I don’t want to download apps (because there are so many) if they aren’t going to be able be installed easily. Also what’s the difference beteen Public and Private apps?

      1. I’ll be honest here. This should NOT have been posted in this format, making users play the guessing game. The only app that I know of that you can use is PreBuiltGMSCore.apk – Google Play Services. I put it on my phone yesterday afternoon and have not had any issues with it. You can now use Google Fit… which has zero apps and devices at this time. So, besides being an Android geek, there’s no need to install it.

  8. Can anyone actually get any of these installed on a stock S5? Just getting ‘app not installed’

    1. No luck for me either on my N5

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