Aug 6th, 2014

Google Play Music 5.6.1616 update

A sizable update to Google Play Music is currently rolling out on Google Play. The new version 5.6.1616 (previous version was .1609) introduces a bunch of smaller tweaks like a new “Manage Download” section that shows space remaining and the ability to actually search for public playlists from within the app.

Google has also introduced a fancy new 1×1 “I’m feeling lucky” widget that features a fun little animation when selected, along with a redesigned 3×1 widget that can resized all the way up to 4×4 with full album art.

Of course since we’re dealing with an official Google app here, you can either wait like an animal for the update to hit your device in the coming days/weeks, or you can sideload the fella via our 3rd party link below.

Download on MediaFire: Google Play Music 5.6.1616P

Thanks, everyone who sent this in!