Former Apple employee ‘Sam Sung’ auctions off viral business card for charity, bids already at $2,550


Sam Sung Childrens Wish Foundation

Former Apple specialist Sam Sung went viral after his extremely ironic business card began circulating around social media the world over. That now famous business card has landed on eBay where Sung is currently auctioning off the memorabilia for a good cause. Sung is promising to donate all proceeds to The Children’s Wish Foundation, BC & Yukon, a non-profit that helps grant “wishes” to terminal sick kids. An admirable move, to be sure.

Apple Specialist Sam Sung business card

Bids for the business card — which also include Sung’s old uniform and lanyard inside a picture frame — have already hit $2,550 with 9 days left before the action ends. You can find a link to the eBay auction down below if you’d like to take a look (or make a bid yourself). You gotta admit, that’s pretty damn funny.


Chris Chavez
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  1. I just made 100 of these on Vista Print ;)

    1. Time to hit eBay! Lol

    2. I can hear the Apple lawyers whirling into action now. You will be notified soon… LOL

  2. Hahahaha…Very noble of him to donate proceeds to charity. That’s awesome.

  3. Samsung needs to hire this guy.

  4. It’s already at $80,100!!! That’s insane!

  5. Oh yeah, hell definitely be sued because doesn’t he know that Apple owns the patent on the rectangle which is the shape of the business card he possesses. LOL

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