WhatsApp adds support for Android Wear voice replies, only available as direct download



With the introduction of the Android Wear SDK a little over a month ago, we can’t for the life of us figure out why voice replies haven’t been added to just about every messaging app out there. We’re sure everyone is just waiting for the introduction of the Moto 360, in which we’re sure to see AW smartwatches really catch on.

Joining the ranks of the few messaging apps offering Android Wear support comes WhatsApp, well sort of. The now Facebook-owned messaging giant is currently testing out this new feature in one of their betas (2.11.320), now available to download directly from their site. While it’s true any Android notification already show on Google’s wearable platform, official support means the entire message is now displayed (as opposed to just the truncated version), with multiple conversations showing in stacks. Of course, there is also the ability to respond to messages by voice, the other vital half of the equation.

How long before rival services like Kik are able to catch up is anyone’s guess. With a big time messaging app like WhatsApp finally taking Android Wear seriously, we’re hoping this will push everyone else to follow suit. To get WhatsApp with Android Wear functionality on your wrist, simply download their beta via the link below. From there, enhanced notifications will automagically show up on your Android Wear device.

Download: WhatsApp 2.11.320


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  1. I don’t want to have to talk into my watch. Whatsapp, just give me the option to add two or three pre-populated texts/responses. So I can easily select, “I’m busy right now.” or “I’m on my way” etc.

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