NFL Mobile app gets key redesign right before this weekend’s Hall of Fame Game



We’re just a couple of short days away from our first taste of NFL action for the season. The Hall of Fame ceremony in Canton, Ohio goes down Saturday, and the commemorative game that follows it the day after is kicking off pre-season (the Giants and the Bills are clashing, in case you weren’t in the know). What better way to be able to follow all the action of the upcoming season with an upgrade to NFL’s Mobile app for Android?

The app features a clean redesign that makes it look more at home on contemporary versions of Android. Base functionality remains the same — you’ll get access to the latest news and videos, scores and schedules, management of your fantasy football team, and if you’re on Verizon with the NFL Mobile package ($5 per month) live access to select Thursday Night Football games, as well as access to the NFL Network. It’s all just a bit cleaner and a lot easier to digest. The download is available for free in the Google Play Store right now. Give it a download (and let us know which team you’re repping) below.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hopefully they redesigned and updated the app for the Windows Store as well. It rarely works on my Surface RT (crashes and video is grainy). Sad being Surface tablets are the “official” tablet of the NFL and Russell Wilson is in a lot of the Surface ads. Seem inexcusable. Hmmm…looks like the version in the Play Store 11.0.0 is the same version listed in the Windows Store. May have to re-download it to see if they fixed anything (the version notes indicate they haven’t).

  2. Can’t wait for this HOF crap to end and all these idiotic tourists are gone….lol. I mean Canton sucks all year round but damn this is the time I hate living here most.

    1. Wow dude, that’s quite the comment.
      I used to live in Niagara Falls, Canada…ever been? Like, as an “idiotic tourist”?

      1. Been plenty of places but I’ve never acted like an ignorant jackass like these people do. Plus I’m sure you didn’t live in an area where the police and government only give a shit one week out of the entire year. Get to know the situation before you run your mouth.

        1. “Plus I’m sure you didn’t live in an area where the police and government only give a shit one week out of the entire year.” Yeah, what you said, get to know the situation before you run your mouth.
          Your initial comment is stereotypical, as is your last…you must begin a lot of sentences with “I’m not a racist, but…”
          Word of advice, don’t ever move to Niagara Falls, Ontario if one week of tourists upsets you so…it only takes a few bad tourists to ruin it for the others, I guess.

  3. Well, they picked a great time to launch this app. Last Man, I live in a major Northeast city in the summertime. I know what you mean when it come to some tourists. But they’re voluntarily bringing money into your town. So let’s be nice to them.

  4. Yea, can’t wait for the season

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