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Hulu has largely kept their content library free of charge for folks looking to get some entertainment on the web, but using the various console and mobile apps requires a premium Hulu Plus subscription for $9.99 per month. If you don’t want to have to subscribe to check out the quality of these apps, though, Hulu has introduced a nice upgrade that you’ll appreciate.

You can now sample free select content within the app at absolutely no charge. Hulu doesn’t go into grave detail about what exactly you’ll be getting, but here’s a taste:

In addition to the latest and past episodes of popular current TV shows, users will be able to enjoy a selection of content from Hulu Originals, Anime, Kids, Movies and Latino. The content available on the updated app will mirror the ad-supported with a few exceptions.

And, of course, if you want to check out more you’ll need to opt-in for that aforementioned premium subscription. Google Play has the updated app at the link you see below so be sure to give it a download if you want to see what Hulu is all about.

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  1. I think I need to revisit this app/service and see how far it has come.

  2. Is it just clips and the like or do we get full episodes now? And if it is full episodes how many would you say there is compared to using a desktop?

  3. Downloaded and wasn’t able to watch any free shows just clips.

    1. What shows did you try? The free full episodes are mostly from NBC, comedy Central… Would be nice if it let you search by free only…

  4. Hulu Plus is $7.99 a month not $9.99. Still a rip off……. just saying.

  5. Does it include the additional hulu content my uverse account grants me access to?

  6. i have hulu plus but they still need to put ads ….. yet netflix has a larger library dafuq

  7. I think the Hulu app + Chromecast Screen mirroring + Most Free Anime Hulu Titles = the best thing hulu has done. I don’t care about major network sploodge. If I have to deal with 1 30 second ad (sometimes 10) it’s worth it compared to monkeying around with Plex Channels

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