Android 4.4.4 (KTU84P) now rolling out to Nexus 4, 5, 7


Nexus 5 Phandrizzle

KitKat is getting yet another release before we move onto to the next big firmware update. And where we just saw Android 4.4.3 rolling out to Nexus, Motorola, and Google Play edition devices barely a few weeks ago, Google’s back with Android 4.4.4. The new build (KTU84P) is hitting all the usual suspects, rolling out to the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (WiFi), Nexus 7 (2012), Nexus 10, and we’d assume GPe devices shortly. Word on the street this was a security fix, but let us know if you guys spot any other changes.

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  1. Update overload from Google…

    1. Better than having issues and not having any updates

      1. True.

  2. Changelog anywhere?

    edit: Found this on Sprint

  3. OpenSSL vulnerabilities and other security bulletins have been patched. Here’s the CVE for the OpenSSL vulnerability that hit a few weeks back that this update addresses:

  4. There’s an annoying dialer bug on my n5 ever sense the patch so hopefully that will be fixed.

  5. Waiting for Android 6.6.6

    1. The number of the beast, haha.

    2. If they plan it right they could hit the letter S at the same time. Then it could be Android 6.6.6 Satan Sunday

  6. I hope that it fixes the problem with my Nexus losing data connection on 3G/4G.

    1. Weak radio hardware probably won’t be fixed with ota.

      1. Wasn’t this a complaint on other Nexus phones too? The GNex rings a bell and maybe the N4 too.

  7. What good is google comes out with android updates ? Only tiny percentage of owners of android phones called google Nexus gets it. Others like me who owns freaking AT&T LG Optimus G e970 still on old jellybean and will never even get current kitkat version and now we are close to google I/O with new version. Looks like people are better of with Apple iphone where 3 generation old iphones like iphone 4s( and 5,5s) will get ios 8 update and happens fast when arrives. In android case, Google releases android update than phone manufacturer decides to release on their current generation phones or not than that code goes to cell carrier who also decides to relese or not and than adds crapware before releasing. In most cases, you have to live with older version of android and also gifted with tons of malwares. I never comprehend why people who can afford to spend money buys android phones !! May be ignorant. I bought android phone because it was cheaper, larger screen and thought LG will release updates within a year. AND I was wrong.

    1. Just because apple pushes patches and updates every week, doesn’t make it better. Just means there’s more wrong with it that needs to be fixed, plus Apple is famous for fixing one thing and breaking something else in the process. I’ll keep my slow updates, at least I know its solid and thoroughly tested when I do get it.

      1. Wov, not sure about the your professional background. In software world, you stay on top of finding bugs and push the fixes fast. Because, those hackers in Eatern Europe, Russia, China is waiting to hack those software vulnerability in your smartphone and log-in to your bank account or whatever other account and drain your hard earn money. What a ignorant people are !!!!

    2. I almost forgot how miserable the life of a non-Nexus user is. And here I was, thinking just a month earlier – what was the point in buying N5 if KitKat had only 1 update since it’s inception? Boy, was I wrong…

    3. Yeah, well just remember this: old iPhones get new, timely updates, aaaaaaand then they don’t work… My iPhone 4s, and even 5,friends complain about how the ios 7 update bogged down their phone, nuff said. However if you insist on getting a new Android upgrade, in your case, you should talk to LG, not Google. Not that it will happen, but yaknowwhatimean?

    4. If you wanted fast updates and no crapware you should have bought a Nexus or GPE device.

  8. 4.4.3 is so June 17th! Ha!

  9. I’m still waiting for my myTouch 4G to get gingerbread, shiiiiiuuuut

  10. Still no LTE N7 update. Does Google hate those who bought their most expensive Nexus 7?

    Worse, they refuse to say anything about WHY there is a delay or how long it will be. On google product forums they claim the issue has been “answered” by pointing to a line that says they’re “working on it” in a post announcing updates for the other versions.

    If timely updates weren’t part of the Nexus program, I wouldn’t complain. But they are, and timely this update ain’t.

  11. I can confirm that the update is being pushed to the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition. Safe to assume that all GPE variants are beginning their roll outs.

    My Moto X hasn’t gotten it yet but that doesn’t mean that rollouts haven’t begun.

  12. So it’s a fix for the fix that never fixed the fix on these cheap assed nexus devices.

    1. Hahaha… hilarious!! Hope this fix has fixed the previous fix.

  13. I could like a battery life fix for 4.4.3… my battery life TANKED after the last update. could usually get 36 hours on my nexus 5 if i stretched it… now i don’t even make it 12 hours

  14. Its not Google’s fault that OEMs take forever to update and are usually 1 or 2 versions behind the current version. If you want the latest updates get a Nexus or GPE device.

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