Deal: Best Buy offering $100 gift card on $0 down LG G3 from Sprint, AT&T or Verizon



Best Buy has one of the best deals we’ve seen yet for the LG G3 if you’re in the market for one. You can get the phone for $0 down on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint through each company’s respective payment programs (AT&T Next, Verizon Edge and Sprint Easy Pay). That’s nothing special by itself, but perhaps the $100 Best Buy gift card that’ll come with the phone will get you to consider buying through the big box retailer.

Best Buy makes sure to emphasize that this offer will only apply to “well-qualified buyers,” which means you’ll probably need a decent line of credit to be able to take advantage. The other caveat is that these retailers usually tie you to the account for six months unless you’re willing to eat a hefty early cancellation fee, though that shouldn’t be much of an issue if you plan to stick with the LG G3 for quite some time.

While yesteryear’s LG flagship was a huge first step in turning public opinion about LG’s smartphone prowess, the LG G3 was the definitive stake in the heart of any naysayer. The phone impressed the hair off Kevin Krause with him noting in our LG G3 review that it is perhaps the best phone they’ve ever created, and that it certainly can stand up to the stiff competition by HTC and Samsung. Be sure to read that review if you need a solid opinion before jumping into this deal. You can head into your local Best Buy store to take advantage if you eventually decide to take the plunge.

[via Best Buy]

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  1. Best Buy’s Verizon full retail price is $100 more than Verizon’s. Unless you are able to get Best Buy to price match, there is no deal here.

    EDIT: It would appear the variants for all 3 carriers are overpriced, so unless that is price matched first, this is a crappy deal.

    1. They price match, but if you read the article, it is for the “edge” program to get the $100 gift card. Best Buys edge price is actually only $549 compared to Verizon’s price of $599. How do I know? I did this deal last night. So I saved $50 on the price of the phone and got a $100 gift card.

      1. I did read it wrong.

        1. No. That was my original plan but Best Buy said that the card can not actually be issued till the purchase goes through.

  2. You can get the 100 gift card on 2 year or installment program

    1. Interesting.. so its free on contract then?

  3. Naw it’s not free. Bestbuy sells it regular for 199.99. So with the best buy card it will be 99.99. When u see 99.99 on the website, the 100 gift card has already been applied

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