Sprint invites us to “take the edge off” on August 19th



Another Sprint event is on the horizon, with the Now Network inviting us to “take the edge off” come August 19th in New York City. In typical invite fashion we don’t get any clue as to what they’ll be announcing, though the word “EDGE” being emphasized in the invitation could give a hint.

If it’s not some sort of network announcement, we might guess that this could be a follow-up device to the Kyocera Hydro EDGE from yesteryear. That particular phone was also revealed in August of its respective year, prime timing for its ability to stand up to summertime swimming, beach walking and other elements-filled activities.

Of course, your guess is as good as ours with no rumors suggesting anything. The only other hint the image gives is in the image name: “Sprint_Ranger_Invitation.jpg” is what they’ve decided to call it. Whether that means anything remains to be seen. Whatever it may be you can be certain we’ll be stamping our calendar and waiting for that day to arrive. Circle back at that point if you’re just as curious as we are.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. if its the phone, who cares, if its the network, really its probably more empty promises of a better network, same promise ive been hearing about “4G” for the last 4 years

    1. 4G WiMax.
      That’s that stuff I don’t like.

  2. Sprint is about to go after Verizon like T-Mobile goes after AT&T /s

  3. I think it has to do with T-Mobile’s EDGE network..maybe will discuss an alternative to T-Mobile to lure more customers to Sprint…

  4. WIMAX plz

  5. I didn’t even know I was in the dark ages as far as data goes until I actually switched from Sprint to T-Mobile. I had gotten used to slow data speeds, smh. They might wanna work on their pricing first of all, and then data speeds second, because pricing is why I left them in the first place.

    1. what you went over ur unlimited mobile to mobile minutes? chewed through your unlimited data? gtfoh… if it’s one thing sprint has on the other carriers its pricing… you have to be an idiot to leave sprint for pricing

      1. Unlimited talk, text, and data with 5GB of Tethering included on Sprint is $110. Excuse me?

        And that is better than paying $80 how?

      2. Umm actually 2 lines for me with sprint was almost $200, while 2 lines on T-Mobile is $160. I’m not sure of the exact price I was paying for sprint but it was like $190 something. Also T-Mobile has unlimited data and unlimited mobile to mobile and the data is WAAAYYY faster. So, you like getting raped by sprint or nah??

      3. Well you would be stupid to leave sprint being on there old everything data plans and go for a my way plan or whatever they are trying to rape ppl with, or anything verizon or att offers. tmobile is still ok to jump to if you planning to stick to areas you know service is good. My wife is on the 69.99 unlimited plan on sprint and she was thinking of jumping off to tmobile…i said DONT DO IT…DONT DO IT, lemme look at ur data usage….she was pushing 5-10GB per month on and off…and i was like stick with this for now, and upgrade for another 2 yrs on the same plan while you got it, the unlimited data and 4g lte expansion has been slow but its showing its fruit around the area.

      4. And I was getting charged for 4G data, had a 4G capable phone, and NEVER got 4G. I get it everywhere with T-Mobile… Matter of fact I’m on 4G right now are you?? Probably not lmao

        1. NYC 40 down 30 up on LTE for sprint

          1. Well y’all get good speeds in NYC with sprint cause in Michigan where I’m from I can guarantee its not remotely close to 40 down 30 up…and nobody gets LTE.

  6. Could have to do with Verizon’s EDGE plans, taking a shot at them.

  7. Moto 360 being released for sale? It doesn’t have any edges…..

  8. Sprint finally upgrading their Edge towers to more acceptable speeds? Acceptable speeds being 3-7Mbps.

    1. Sprint doesn’t run EDGE, they’re CDMA which would be 1xRtt.

      1. Haha!! Oh yea. =.P
        Wrong carrier.

  9. I used to be cynical of anything Sprint, but they’ve stated to grow on me lately. Wonder what this conference is going to be like.

  10. Maybe Sprint’s going into the Prostitution business.

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