Chrome Beta 37 update brings fancy new Material design changes, simplified login


Chrome Beta Material design update

Earlier this week we watched as Google gave the Google Play Store a spiffy new Material-ish redesign and next on the docket is Google’s very own Chrome web browser. But before Google can update stable channels for Chrome, they’ll first need to test out in beta.

Chrome Beta 37 (37.0.2062.39 to be exact) is now rolling out on Google Play and aside from a new simplified login that allow users to sign into their Google account once for all Google sites — the newly updated version of Chrome brings new Material design elements to the browser (including a more minimal Moonshine icon).

Chrome Materila update sign in

It’s nothing too major and from the wording on the official Chrome Blog we can expect to see more Material design elements to come (like the fading transition of web pages). Really, there’s not much to a web browser’s UI, but you will notice Chrome’s incognito tabs receiving a fresh new can of paint. Don’t forget the usual bug fixes and performance improvements have also been addressed.

[Chrome Releases Blog]

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  1. Before and after….Edit: where did the refresh button go?

    1. when the X stops… I guess.

    2. As the page is loading, the three dot menu has it, next to the bookmark star.

  2. Honest opinions, Is chrome really worth using?? I find the stock browser on the S5 to be fine. One thing I never liked about chrome was you could not set it to start on the Google homepage so it’s there when you launch it instead of the tab/bookmark page (not overly a big problem though)
    For some reason, the Stock browser on the S5 is the same, but still runs smoothly enough for me to use it.

    1. I use the Dolphin as I find it to be the best browser to fit my needs. Plus, it still supports Flash!

      1. I use firefox myself which still supports flash and has a number of useful addons like phony and Adblock+

    2. Yes it’s worth it. You can make Google your home page as well.

      1. I’m aware of how to set Google as the Homepage, but I’ve never been able to set it up so when you launch the app (chrome), it actually starts on Google search main page (top pic) rather than the tabs/boxes screen (bottom pic).
        If there is a way, please enlighten me and i just may make the switch :)

        1. As Chrome user on both my laptop and Android devices, I found having tabs and history synced across both my phone and laptop completely indispensable. So very convenient.

          1. That and the Chrome to phone extension are a must for me.

          2. Still can’t sync closed tabs across devices, though, which is a bummer. Have to remember to manually close tabs on your desktop that you finished reading on your phone.

    3. Stock browser for gs5 is the same thing. It’s chromium

      1. Renders pages differently than chrome, so I’m not entirely sure of this.

        1. I dont see a difference. The stock browser in the GS5 is chromium based.

          Different GUI but underneath the same I can type in chrome://flags and the same albiet more options greyed out screen appears. Same with note3

          Opera is the same too

    4. I like it for its Chromecast support. If you are browsing a webpage, click the expand button on a video and the Chromecast button will appear to allow you to quickly view full screen video on your TV.

  3. Find in page from the search box is now missing. You can now only access it through the three-dot menu.

  4. There’s no tab counter on the show all tabs button! Nooooooooo!

  5. Since updating my Motorola gee to 4.4.4 chrome has being super smooth can’t wait for the future update to chrome stable.

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