Foursquare shows off all new logo, completely redesigned app


Foursquare new logo

Foursquare threw everyone for a loop when they announced back in May that they’d be breaking off their social checkins feature of their app into a completely separate app called Swarm. We have to admit, it didn’t make much sense to us. Apps that give users the ability to search through business listings all feature a check-in service in some form — so, just exactly what was Foursquare planning?

Today, Foursquare has given us a sneak peek at their all new identity, ushered in by what else, but a whole new logo. In an attempt at further distancing themselves from rival services like Yelp (which can be seen as nothing more than “yellow pages” on your phone), Foursquare aims to finally make local search personal. By finding out exactly what you like and are interested in, Foursquare believes they can bring you a local search results unlike any other, one that’s custom tailored to you.

Foursquare new look

Because no two people are alike, for their upcoming app redesign, Foursquare is promising that no two people will have the exact same experience. How they plan on finding out this information is still a little foggy, although Foursquare did mention previous check-in history will play a role for returning customers, while newcomers can “add tastes, follow experts, or even just walk around for a few days.” We’re assuming rating businesses will also play a key role to receiving tailored local search results, but we’ll have to wait and see.

No word on a specific launch date, only that — like winter — the all new Foursquare is indeed coming.

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  1. I don’t use Foursquare anymore, but this looks nice.

  2. Not sure how I feel about that new logo.

  3. Like winter. I lol’d.

  4. You can still check in to Foursquare without having to download Swarm by using the 3rd party app “Simple”. it seems they are still using the same server setup.

  5. not a fan of the new look, especially the logo

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