Verizon records highest revenue growth in the past six quarters



Verizon’s Q2 numbers are ready for the world to see, and we’re sure they couldn’t be more happy with the results. On the wireless side of things, the company managed to add 1.4 million net postpaid retail connections, bringing their total number to 98.6 million. That puts Verizon’s overall connection base at around 106 million which is a lot more than any other carrier can say right now. We’re sure they couldn’t be happier with their position atop the ladder.

Interestingly enough, tablets accounted for way more connections than phones: 1.15 million for the former and just 304,000 for the latter. Smartphones accounted for 75% of the phone side of things, while this is Verizon’s third consecutive record breaking quarter for tablet additions.

On the money side of things Verizon raked in $31.5 billion, a 5.7% increase over the same quarter a year ago, and their highest revenue growth in the past six quarter. Their wireless business was responsible for a majority of that at $21.5 billion in revenue.

Verizon has had to move to keep people interested in their services thanks to pressure put on by T-Mobile and the rest of their competitors. While they haven’t yet made any changes as drastic as Magenta, they’ve given folks easy enough ways to continue to upgrade their phones on a yearly basis without having to break the bank. Their solution doesn’t quite bring you the same savings as T-Mobile’s, but I guess a strong network always makes up for any of the few weaknesses Verizon still has.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. why cant I quit you!?

  2. Gougers…

  3. I used to think that a better network made up for the price gouging, then I left for T-Mobile. I get much better voice quality (I had to use my T-Mobile phone to cancel my Verizon service because the quality was so bad) and HSPA speeds as fast or faster than big red’s LTE.

    1. They claim to be so great but my verizon co workers have their signals die to no service as soon as they set foot in the building while t mobile and sprints signals are strong. And this is about 10 minutes from downtown Houston!

  4. More people should be running FROM Verizon, not to.

  5. Some of you guys are letting your feelings cloud your mind. Verizon has dope service for the most part. That’s why they’re considered reliable. Your anecdotal evidence doesn’t refute that.

    1. Reality isn’t “anecdotal”.

      1. Miss me with whatever point you’re trying to make. Six people not having good reception with Verizon doesn’t mean that the other millions are lying. That means the six don’t have great reception in their area.

        1. Not exactly true. I have supposedly have great coverage and speed in my area on Verizon, however when I tested it against my T-Mobile speeds (using Ookla app) the Verizon 4G LTE constantly was about 10 to 15 MB/s slower on DL and 3-5 MB/s slower on UL than my T-Mobile.

          I thought maybe it could have been the phones I was using, because the T-Mobile device was more powerful than the Verizon device. however, when I tested them both on my home WiFi, the difference between the two of them was negligible, with the Verizon device beating the T-Mobile device about a third of the time.

          As for my information being “anecdotal”, you can believe me or not, it doesn’t change the fact that my results show that T-Mobile was a better choice for me.

          1. Nowhere did I say it’s the best for everyone.

  6. I wish I had coverage around me from T-Mobile and sprint. Went on a pretty long trip to places that I frequent with 2 friends in socal. I had Verizon, they had T-Mobile and sprint. I had to leave my WiFi tether on the whole trip because neither of their phones could hold a strong enough connection to stream music without buffering, or would lose connection for a minute. The only time my phone lost service was in the mountains where no one had service. I want to leave Verizon, but just can’t.

    1. Yeah, where I am moving to is the same way, my T-Mobile service will be spotty at best, while Verizon should be great, so I am going to get a pay-as-you-go Verizon Moto G. Hopefully I won’t be living there long and can go back to T-Mobile.

  7. Probably because theyre ripping people off. My bill was randomly $465 this month apparently. Someones about to be told off.

  8. So they lost phone customers again but posted a net increase thanks to tablet adds from existing customers right?

  9. Verizon always finds ways to take more money from their customers, wait that came out wrong, but true though. $31.5 billion 5.7% increase, bad thing is the greedy always want more and will soon try and find ways to do that.

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