Jul 22nd, 2014

amazon wallet app

When you look at this shiny new entry for Amazon Wallet in the Google Play Store you might be wondering if they’re making a play for mobile payments. Not exactly. Amazon Wallet is an app that will help you store your loyalty cards in digital form. Nothing more, and nothing less.

You can scan or type your gift and loyalty cards in and get quick access to them whenever you head to whichever store you fancy. All of it is protected with a PIN number if you are a bit paranoid.

All of it is stored to the cloud so your cards will be synced between multiple devices, and you can manage it all on the web at Amazon’s Wallet website if clunky is too mobile for you (note that this is the same site where you manage all your payment options linked to Amazon). It’s not the game changer some would expect out of Amazon, but it could be a good first step toward something more. You can find the download over at Google Play.

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