Samsung Level headphones and speakers go on sale in the US



If you don’t already have a comfy pair of headphones or a nice Bluetooth speaker to enjoy your tunes, Samsung’s hoping you’ll consider their new wares. The company has announced that their Samsung Level line of audio products are on sale in the United States. As you might remember, Samsung’s new lineup consists of four products:

  • Level Over — over-the-air premium Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancellation available for $349.99.
  • Level On — on-ear headphones available for $179.99
  • Level In — in-ear earbuds available for $149.99
  • Level Box — Bluetooth speaker available for $169.99

Gilt will have the goods you’re looking for starting tomorrow. From there, Amazon will get a crack on July 20th, Samsung will be putting them on their website on July 21st, and Best Buy’s Samsung Experience Shops at select Best Buy retail stores will have them to check out in person on July 27th. Gilt will also have an exclusive bundle of the Level Box and Level On headphones for $300. Let us know if you’ll be giving Samsung a chance to fill your personal audio needs with any of these options.

[via Samsung]

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  1. Over-the-air? I think you mean ear..

  2. I learned a long time ago.. Never spend more than $60 on headphones and even that’s pushing it. Just not worth it unless you’re an audiophile.

    1. I agree with you. I got my sennheisers for <$60 and they laugh at $400 beats. In many cases, more expensive headphones have turned into a status symbol (or a perceived status symbol) these days

    2. I would make a strong case against that. Depending on what your hobbies are (musician, vocalist, gamer, etc.), higher quality headphones are needed and most exceed $60. If you’re just an average person using your headphones just for the music on your phone/music player, then you don’t need to go over $100.

      That being said, these Samsung headphones seems very overpriced compared to other brands.

      1. I was kinda painting with a broad brush and didn’t explain my situation more clearly. I work in a dusty, greasy machine shop and headphones are essential here, because of the harsh conditions they tend to fall apart quick though and get filthy. The first couple pairs I bought were pricy ear buds and I eventually found it didn’t matter if it was $15 or $80 earbuds they sounded almost the same to me.

        Nowdays I use the LG HBS-730 which is right about my price cap, sounds great and is Bluetooth to answer calls on as well and it’s just rugged enough to stay intact here at work.

        But yeah I can see why other groups may need something better I just have a hard time telling the difference.

    3. lol, even my gaming headset is 150

  3. At those prices, they’d need to be audiophile-worthy, something I seriously doubt.

  4. Can I just get the sunglasses for 50 cents?

  5. I’m never spending more than $100 on headphones. Whose going to win this fight: Samsung or Apple/Dre Beats?

    1. Apple will sue claiming they invented headphones

  6. Audio Technica ATH-M50. Worth the 140. Best bang for the buck IMHO.

    1. For your buck maybe. Audiophiles slay me with their overpriced cans. Give me a$14.99 pair of ear buds from Walmart and I’m straight.

        1. Winner. And that’s what I use.

      1. Audiophiles are to audio what pedophiles are to 8-year-olds.

    2. The M30s are not quite as good, but they’re also a lot cheaper. Depends on your budget really.

  7. The question is, do they sounds better than beats? If I am going to pay that much they better make up for the fashion statement.. lmao

  8. The best headphones in the world are Sol Republics

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