Verizon Wireless LG G3’s removable battery confirmed in tweet


LG G3 Verizon removable battery

Back when Verizon first announced the availability of the LG G3, it looks like some wires may have gotten crossed resulting in a slight typo on their website. This small detail managed to send some would-be buyers into a panic.

Verizon LG G3 non-removable battery

The problem? It had to do with Verizon listing a non-removable battery for the LG G3 in the device’s spec sheet on their site (which has since been updated). A pretty huge detail, some feared Verizon had sullied their potential device with more than their typical logo placement. As one of the few Android devices breaking away from the trend of non-removable battery, the LG G3 was seen as a breath of fresh air for those demanding more flexibility in their smartphones.

Today, a Verizon spokesperson Tweeted out an image that’s sure to give everyone looking to pick up the device some peace of mind: a removable battery. Sleep easy, LG G3 fans, your beefy smartphone is safe with Verizon. The phone is still on schedule for its July 17th release where it will begin shipping for pre-orders. Anyone picking one up?


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. G3 is incredibly overrated people are practically jacking off to the screen, which is inferior to almost every other flagship in every aspect except for the resolution.

    1. What phone is better then, besides the the HTC one M8, and the the oppo find 7,

      1. I think the m8 is the best phone out right now which you already listed, you could make a case for the nexus 5, I’m not saying the G3 isn’t a good handset it is but its not as good as most reviewers are making if out to be. Reviewers like Erica Griffin who aren’t afraid to make fair criticisms of the G3 make very valid points. I think if you swapped the quad HD panel for a 1080p panel, ideally with the calibration lg and Google used for the nexus 5, and toned down lg’s ui even more it probably be the best handset available.

        1. Ok I agree, I own the M8 btw , I just wanted to see your opinion… Also even if you the things to the G3 that you mentioned, I’m still hooked on the M8 speakers soooo, it’s tough to call

          1. Those speakers are amazing I was about to pull the trigger on the m8 a little while ago since my nexus 5 is starting to feel a little long in the tooth. I miss the speakers from the m7, but I thought I should wait for some snapdragon 805 devices since going from the 800 to an 801 wouldn’t be that big of an upgrade, I’m still thinking about just buying the m8 love the design and speakers, maybe I’ll get the m8 max. It’s a great time to be an android fan.

          2. Tell me about it, I’m trying ATT next program, prolly get rid of it next year, but not until I utilize next year’s lineup.. maaaaan next year devices is gonna be sick, I can’t wait to see what MWC 2015 is gonna show off

    2. Right! Good reviewers will tell you that the S5s screen is a lot better to look at despite its slightly lower resolution.

      1. I disagree. My ranking from best to worst would be HTC One m8, G3, S5

      2. I could never rate a pentile amoled screen better than an IPS LCD.

    3. One review I read that it distorts the editing features for photos and it will look worse on a PC if you were to transfer it. It’s problem is that the SoC is incorrect. A 805 or 810 would’ve worked a lot better. 2 GB of RAM being an option hurts too since more system resources go towards apps and the screen rather than 3 GB of RAM on a 16 GB model to increase stability.

    4. The phone isnt just a floating screen, despite what its small bezels might make you believe.

      What you fail to address is all the other aspects of the phone. All the reviews say it isnt better than the gs5 screen or m8 screen but it does look very damn good. And one site listed “its greatest strength is its lack of weaknesses.” So sure its overrated if you only care about the screen and ignore everything else.

  2. I have an S5. I’ve compared the 2 screens. To the normal consumer, the S5 will only have brightness over the G3. Contrast, etc, would need the person to stare & analyze. People don’t usually do that. LG is trying to take the best routes to go the extra mile. Yes, front facing speakers are a great feature but that is HTC trying to go the extra mile in it’s own way. Give props where they are due.

    1. and water resistance is Samsung/Sony trying to go the extra mile, and Price was Google trying to go the extra mile.. Everyone bringing something extra to the table and i love it,

      1. I feel Sony needs to go a bit farther to get their name out there & force Verizon to stop being to a great product! But hey, it’s Verizon.

        1. Yeah I don’t think Sony’s problem is its actual product, i think it’s biggest issue is its marketing and availability. You cant sell with the big boys if you arent as available as they are.

          (i personal don’t like the boxyness of the phone, pretty uncomfortable at that size, but that’s subjective)

          1. True. They have a tough time with marketing. Samsung does that right, overall. I really want Motorola to come back to high end innovation pusher.

          2. If they release their Maxx range on more carriers, and plop in a decent camera i’d be all for it.

  3. They still have not reported if this phone has wireless charging on their website. The Rep says that it does but no mention of it on the site or in any of their documents.

    1. The phone itself can, but the back plate isn’t capable without the stupid Quick Circle case. I’m trying to figure out a way to cannibalize that goofy case and put the wireless charging component in the standard back plate.

  4. which is inferior to almost every other flagship in every aspect except for the resolution.

    1. How do you figure?

    2. Explain …….

  5. Just got my tracking number from Verizon! Looks like Thursday it will be at more door from the pre-order! Yay!!

  6. Thanks for sharing the information and yes I am interested to pick the one for me in order to replace my Nexus 5 with it along with a wireless car charger to keep its 3000mAh battery fully charged even on the go!

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