Jul 14th, 2014

LG G3 Verizon removable battery

Back when Verizon first announced the availability of the LG G3, it looks like some wires may have gotten crossed resulting in a slight typo on their website. This small detail managed to send some would-be buyers into a panic.

Verizon LG G3 non-removable battery

The problem? It had to do with Verizon listing a non-removable battery for the LG G3 in the device’s spec sheet on their site (which has since been updated). A pretty huge detail, some feared Verizon had sullied their potential device with more than their typical logo placement. As one of the few Android devices breaking away from the trend of non-removable battery, the LG G3 was seen as a breath of fresh air for those demanding more flexibility in their smartphones.

Today, a Verizon spokesperson Tweeted out an image that’s sure to give everyone looking to pick up the device some peace of mind: a removable battery. Sleep easy, LG G3 fans, your beefy smartphone is safe with Verizon. The phone is still on schedule for its July 17th release where it will begin shipping for pre-orders. Anyone picking one up?


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