Is Samsung teasing a retinal scanner for their next big smartphone?


samsung retinal eye scanner teaser

We thought the Samsung Galaxy S5 was a bit ridiculous with all the extra bells and whistles it comes packed with, but Samsung’s next flagship could expose us to even more cutting edge goodness. Samsung’s Exynos Twitter account Tweeted out a photo of a phone with an eye being scanned. “Unlock the future,” it says. The caption on the Tweet itself reads:

Security can be improved using features unique to us. That’s what we envision. What would you use?

And as we all know, Samsung is the one company that strives to implement all the interesting things they envision. They did so on the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a heart rate monitor and a fingerprint scanner. The former serves to help users keep up an active lifestyle, while the fingerprint scanner brings our first taste of biometric security.

How would a retinal scanner work? We imagine it’ll be a bite-sized version of infrared-based imaging sensors used by optometrists. Unlike an ordinary camera, these sensors can finely map the unique blood vessel patterns within a person’s eye. This could make for an even more secure biometric scanner than the Samsung Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner as the human eye is not an easy thing to emulate.

Earlier Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors suggested that particular device would have retinal scanners, though it obviously didn’t. Today’s revelation does confirm that Samsung was thinking about it, though, so perhaps it just wasn’t ready for prime time.

Quite a bit of time has passed since then and we could see them taking a stab at a consumer-ready solution with oh, say, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Whether that happens remains to be seen, but with Samsung’s history of pulling out all of the stops with each release of the Note lineup we imagine they won’t be afraid to take a chance. Would you use this feature should it ever come to light?

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. That’s all well and good….a step closer to SKYNET we get….thank you technology!

  2. Iris scanner, not retinal scanner.

  3. I think I’m starting to become annoyed with Samsung…

  4. I would rather they make a phone like what is in the picture. It has almost no bezel at all. I was looking at the G3 and it is similar in hight to the S5, but it’s screen is almost half an inch larger. They should be working on making the overall quality of their products better and bit on these gimmicks.

    1. As a proud owner of a LG G3 for 4 days I can tell you the phone is amazing.

  5. About you get rid of TouchWiz -_-

  6. In conjunction with the NSA?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Let’s help the NSA build a global database of eye scan images now.

  7. I swear, first time I quick read the title I saw
    “Is Samsung teasing a rectal scanner…”

    1. At least the idiots with their pants hanging off would have easy access for that feature. lol

    2. On a second thought I ‘ ll pass the next big thing from Samsung

  8. You know how I unlock the future? I swipe to the right.

    1. ‘Cept, in the future (Android ‘L’), swiping right shows you the Dialer, so you’ll have to retrain your brain to swipe up.

  9. Why don’t they just work on improving what they already make. I hate this about Samsung. They use to be innovators and the stuff they made actually worked. Now they innovate but the products never work well then they move on to the next thing. How about just fixing the poor fingerprint scanner you have on the S5 and move to a iris scanner when it’s perfected.

  10. Samsung, samsung. Always has the “next big thing”, but implements it so poorly that no one wants it. Until Apple or Google come along and do it right.

  11. Love new innovations, but do we really need a retinal scanner? Right up there with fingerprint scanners, cool, but essentially a gimmick that more than half of the people that buy the phone will never use. Personally i dont care about security on my phone, if i lose it ill simply lock and wipe the phone. Everything i have is backed up with Google anyhow. Want real security ? When you unlock your phone you have to answer one of 3 security questions like on websites where you forgot your password. Personal questions that only you can answer. Not a lock code that someone can get with enough tries, or a pin which can sometimes be guessed easily. Would be inconvenient to some people but would be better security. Retinal scanners would be cool but again would just be another gimmick that eats battery. If they do it, at least ill get a laugh watching people walk down the street putting their phones up to their eyes repeatedly and then yelling at it because it doesnt work well… lol.

  12. I disable my lockscreen so useless gimmick to me.

    1. not just for lock screens

  13. The retinal scanner/fingerprint scanner are already dead tech. Didn’t Google demonstrate unlock via wearable devices as a superior and more reliable soft token option vs these unreliable camera/scanners? No worry about glasses, gloves, dirt, anything getting in the way of detection. Its such a superior option why are we bothering with retina scanning?

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