Jul 14th, 2014

popcorn time chromecast

Popcorn Time — the service that lets you watch torrented movies on the fly — has received an upgraded Android beta app that now includes Chromecast support! It’s as simple as any Chromecast app has been since the $35 media streaming dongle released: simply hit the cast button and watch it get beamed over to your television set effortlessly.

There were some other big changes in beta 2.0, including a fully native user interface, faster downloading, automatic app updates, and support for more devices. The user interface still doesn’t seem to support portrait mode, though we imagine if you’re looking to watch movies and TV shows you’ll want to be in landscape anyway. We also had issues running this thing on Android L, but considering that’s just a developer preview we can’t hold that against Popcorn Time.

For those of you worried about privacy? Popcorn Time has confirmed that the next upgrade will bring a 100% free VPN solution built into the client. Popcorn Time says that update should be here in about a week, though don’t be surprised if that schedule has to be altered a bit by the time a week comes and goes. For now you can grab the beta right here and give it a go.

[via Popcorn Time]

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