LG G3 now available from AT&T, Sprint



AT&T was scheduled to be the first US carrier to offer the LG G3 for purchase starting today, but it appears they are not alone. While Sprint initially announced that G3 pre-order would kick off today ahead of a July 18th launch, their web store (as well as retail locations) indicates that the phone is in stock immediately.

The G3 is available from AT&T for $199 with a new two-year contract or for as low as $24.17 per month with a zero-down AT&T Next installment plan. Over at Sprint pricing is pretty similar, with a monthly Easy Pay installment plan netting customers the phone for $0 down and $25 per month or $199 with a two-year service agreement. Sprint does hold one advantage: an exclusive Shine Gold color option.

We recently reviewed the G3 and had nothing but nice things to say about the device. In fact, we liked it so much that it topped our list of best Android smartphones this month. Reactions around the web have been similar in their praise of the stunning update to the LG G2. Buyers will score a phone with a 5.5-inch Quad HD display, Snapdragon 801 quad-core processing, and 13MP camera with laser autofocus.

If you plan on picking up the G3 from either Sprint or AT&T today, be sure to head on over to Android Forums and share your thoughts as you explore the phone over the coming weeks. You might even find some much needed help or the answer to any number of burning questions.



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  1. I hope I am getting mine today.. I pre-ordered on the 9th…

  2. I believe the LG G3 is available for $99 at Verizon. If you get an LG Tablet you get $100 off of that.
    Can anyone comment on the display and battery life? What about picture quality?

    1. Display is very sharp, it will take me some getting used to as I just came from a Note 2 and I am used to the vibrant colors of an AMOLED. Battery life seems decent so far but I won’t really have a good idea of what it is like until I’ve used it for a few days. Takes good pictures. The laser autofocus is awesome. The only thing I have used that focuses anywhere near that quick is my Canon 60D.

      1. Thanks Sean. What about ui lag?

        1. UI is quite smooth. I don’t really have any complaints. I’m about to root and make a few changes that may improve battery life.

          PS Do note that I changed my runtime to ART. Dalvik was likely not as smooth, I did see that some people in the XDA forums were saying it was a bit laggy before ART. Another guy said it was laggy until he rooted and froze all of the carrier bloatware (go figure.) He didn’t switch to ART though, so I’d like to see how it runs once I freeze all the preloaded crap. And believe me, like any carrier branded phone there is a lot of crap.

          1. I’m wondering if the issues are only happening with the international version.

          2. What kind of issues? If you’re referring to UI lag switching to the ART runtime will fix that. Your apps will take up about 25% more space though but in my opinion it us worth it.

          3. Heat and brightness issues (probably also due to heat) Color saturation. Basically everything I am hearing through online reviews. Which it seems to be the international version that is in the review.

    2. I love mine. Display is super nice. I’m coming from a HTC One M8. No UI lag. Highly customizable. Battery life is good.

  3. Best Busy has the G3 for ATT and Sprint at $99 right now.

  4. It’s about time! ! I will be getting this beautiful phone

  5. Best buy has them for $99 for Sprint and Verizon

  6. Just bought my new LG G3 today – 7/11. Shortly after I got back to work, received a phone call from the Sprint store saying Sprint told them they had received a bad batch of phones and that they will swap mine out next week. Phone seems to be working OK and the clerk did not know what the supposed problem is…

    Anyone else have a similar story???

    1. I just bought mine but havent heard anything. But on the xda forum for the international G3 there were a few people complaining about heating and light bleed but thats typical with LCD screens. havent noticed either of these issues on mine.

  7. And I have to wait until next week like a chump for my T-Mobile one… Can’t wait since I just became eligible for upgrade today.

    1. I got lucky and got my t-mobile one thursday… an amazing phone

  8. Hi Kevin, You shared nice features about LG G3. It is really giving amazing new features. Your post will help me to buy a good smart phone. Thanks for this nice post.

    1. Google is paying 80$>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

  9. I got mine for $99 at Best Buy on Saturday the 12th. The Sprint model. Wasn’t really going to upgrade, but the S.O. wanted to look at the Galaxy S5 and was able to compare them both in hand so I bit when I found out the price was $99 with contract renewal (NOT $199). So far the phone is awesome!

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