Jul 10th, 2014


Most people nowadays are carrying around devices that constantly lose their charge. As soon as you leave your house in the morning your phone is losing power until you can make it back home some time later in the day. All we ask of our devices is to make it through the day, but some have a hard time doing that. This is a problem that needs a solution.

Battery technology doesn’t seem to be progressing much, so the best solution right now is to simply charge your phone more often. Since we can’t all live glued to a wall socket we need some creative solutions. Purses and bags with built-in chargers are one way to go, but the current offerings leave a lot to be desired.

All of the purses and bags with built-in charging require the use of cables. You have to reach inside of your cluttered bag and find the right cable to plug into your phone. If you’re going to do this why buy a special purse? For much cheaper you can stash a portable battery pack inside any purse you want. The feature that these purse-makers are ignoring is wireless charging. Why can’t I just drop my phone in a bag and let it charge?

Do you use any accessories like bags or special cases to get more battery life throughout the day? Would you use a bag with wireless charging built-in? Let us know in the comments!

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