Would you buy a purse with a built-in charger?



Most people nowadays are carrying around devices that constantly lose their charge. As soon as you leave your house in the morning your phone is losing power until you can make it back home some time later in the day. All we ask of our devices is to make it through the day, but some have a hard time doing that. This is a problem that needs a solution.

Battery technology doesn’t seem to be progressing much, so the best solution right now is to simply charge your phone more often. Since we can’t all live glued to a wall socket we need some creative solutions. Purses and bags with built-in chargers are one way to go, but the current offerings leave a lot to be desired.

All of the purses and bags with built-in charging require the use of cables. You have to reach inside of your cluttered bag and find the right cable to plug into your phone. If you’re going to do this why buy a special purse? For much cheaper you can stash a portable battery pack inside any purse you want. The feature that these purse-makers are ignoring is wireless charging. Why can’t I just drop my phone in a bag and let it charge?

Do you use any accessories like bags or special cases to get more battery life throughout the day? Would you use a bag with wireless charging built-in? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I guess so….

  2. I am undecided… I would probably look pretty goofy with a purse, plus my G2 gets pretty spectacular battery life.

  3. We call it a bag, not a purse :(

  4. Ill buy a purse and a charger of my choie lol. But tbh, great idea.

  5. I have a ravpower 14000 mAh battery I carry around with my devices. Not all devices are capable of wireless charging.

    1. I have like 4 devices in my surge protector at night to charge. I feel like Wireless Charging is going to sway me from Front Facing Speakers. I’m tired of trying to move my plugs around since they so big and fat. >,.,<

  6. stopped reading after “buy a purse”

    1. No women in your life?

  7. I’m curious as to what prompted this article.
    Hmm… it must be the female majority around here.

  8. Purse? No.

    Fannypack? YES.

    1. You are totally gonna bring back fannypack’s

      1. Back when I was 6…1994…I had a superman fannypack…I thought I was the shit…

    2. Or in other words, a F.U.P.A.

    3. That awkward moment when you found out what “fanny” meant. =.S

  9. Haha what good would it be? My old lady doesn’t even remember to charge her phone, how is she going to remember to charge her purse?

    1. LOL, that’ll be yet another device every hubby has to keep charged up for her

      1. Then you will need a chargeable suitcase to charge your purse to charge your phone

  10. What type of question is this? Seriously? Pink and green purse?

  11. Honestly….if I was gay. I would.

    BTW, I’m not trying to offensive. I am in full support of LGBT community.

    Edit: great. now my comment has to be approved by Phandroid..just what I needed….

  12. Honey, can we leave the house already?
    No, my purse is not done charging yet!

    1. LoL!!
      I just laughed out loud in the department. My co-workers are looking at me funny.

  13. Thought this was pretty cool too: a backpack/tackle box with a charger. “Includes an integrated 5000mAh rechargeable USB power supply”. http://www.gowildriver.com/ProductDetail.aspx?sku=WT3605&id=92

    1. I think I need to upgrade my diaper bag.

    2. If there was a tacklebox with maybe 20kmAh that’d be sufficient

  14. This used to be a huge issue for me. Since I got my Moto X, it has not been a problem. Perhaps, if the battery technology does not improve, it can improve on the SW/HW side? i.e. technology to consume less battery. .. because I would hate to have to carry around a purse.

  15. I’ve thought about this for a while, obviously the solution is battery packs that are also wireless chargers, would work in pocket or purse, backpacks and other bags. Even better if the technology progressed to where it worked from 6-18inches away #neverhave a lowbattery

  16. What about us guys? Not all of us want to carry a purse around, so how about pants with a built in wireless charger for the pockets? That would probably necessitate some sort of shield to protect the jewels and keep from frying the little guys, but if they could work it out, I might be in.

    1. The pants exist :) http://t.co/UEdKWH4Tim. But, like you said, there’s a shield to protect the charger. It also needs to be dry-cleaned.

      1. Wow, I was just kidding about the pants, but Microsoft actually created it! Amazing.

    2. There’s the backpack version. When I was in grade school, I thought backpacks were for boys and purses were for girls. LoL!!

  17. I will stick with spare battery it’s slim and I don’t think man purse fanny pack is realistic (pink with yellow poker dots pls)

  18. Even though I’m a man I’d do it, Function over form… I’ll make it cool like the other side of the pillow lol seriously though is this what it boils down to? are we done with innovating battery life or that stumped that we can’t somehow make these phone batteries last days if not weeks on end?

    1. No need to. You’re better off buying an external battery charger and leaving it in your backpack. That’s what I do.

      I have my phone, tablet, and 3DS as the main devices I can charge on the go. Especially the 3DS. My gosh!! Talk about no battery life. =.[

  19. Make a backpack, or a laptop case! Or a wallet that’d be awesome and I’d do it

    1. That would be cool, a battery pack built into a wallet would be nice.

  20. I don’t need it, but my wife might like it. I have a battery pack in my laptop bag, and it is almost always with me.

  21. I don’t get why the title of the article brings purses into question when there’s no actual focus within the article itself.
    A. Talks about bags in a general sense, I thought there was some new innovative product that would make me buy a ‘satchel’.
    B. There’s hardly any readers that are women, let alone writers.

  22. Most likely no. Wireless charging wastes a lot of energy to heat. Which is fine when it is plugged into the wall and out in the open to dissipate the heat. When it is limited battery power being wasted that is not good. Additionally, the phone/charger pad would likely get quite hot sitting inside a bag.

    I’d rather have some kind of solid holster attachment (with interchangable holsters to fit your specific phone) affixed to a computer bag that allows you to slide your phone in and click it in place to make positive contact with charging contact pads.

  23. This ‘article’ seems more like a marketing research deal between company ‘X’ and Phandroid. This type of thing seems to be happening a lot more around here. I know it happens on other Android sites as well, but seriously, guys?

  24. as a guy, I have to say ABSOLUTELY yes.

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