Android screencasting arrives for Chromecast in coming days



The latest update to Android’s Chromecast app will begin to introduce some of the new features unveiled at this year’s Google I/O. Specifically, with the 1.7 update Android smartphone and tablet users will have the ability to mirror their screens via Chromecast.

The feature not only allows users to display their Android homescreens on a Chromecast-connected TV or other device, but it also means any application can now be displayed via Google’s budget-friendly streaming dongle. Users won’t have to wait for Chromecast to be enabled on an app-by-app basis.


Upon downloading the update, users will find a “Cast Screen” option among the others listed in the Chromecast app’s navigation drawer. Nexus devices will see a toggle fro screencasting directly in the Android quick settings menu. Once enabled, the user can navigate their phone in the normal manner with a one-to-one projection appearing via Chromecast.

Screencasting is still being dubbed a beta feature, and it unfortunately will not be available to all users immediately. Google says the new capabilities will “roll out to popular Android phone [and] tablets from Samsung, HTC, LG, and others” first. The Chromecast 1.7 update should reach Google Play in the coming days.

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  1. I for one can’t wait. I love my chromecast

  2. Can’t wait, I love my Chromecast even though it can’t do this yet. My brother, however, bought his for just this purpose. He had to return it due to bad hardware, but this will probably make him buy another.

    Anything to keep family from going the iSheep route :)

    1. Baaahaaa

  3. It’s about time, this is awesome.

  4. Great news.

  5. Will it cast both Sound And Video? Will it cast at a framerate which is fast enough for video casting?

    1. Yes, try it yourself.

    2. Thinking what I’m thinking? $5 a month Redzone on my TV via chromecast! Lol

      1. With Verizon ? Or can anyone buy it ?

        1. Probably going to be Verizon Wireless exclusive again this season.

  6. All got it and have been streaming music to my TV/stereo for the last hour. Definitely glad this a native feature now. As it should have been from the start

  7. Happy to know that it works :)

  8. Woooo! already got it and I’m super excited to try it out when I get home. It sucked that this wasn’t available from day 1, but I’m glad we have it now!

  9. Patiently Waiting……………. this is what I thought Chromecast was going to be from the beginning…glad to c it finally happening, heck I literally was stalking the Best Buy Truck’s …..: )

  10. Should of been an option straight out the box.

  11. I had this option under settings on my nexus 4 for awhile now but it didn’t do anything.

  12. Is it possible to cast ONLY audio (to reduce strain on network)?

    1. allCast?

  13. I can cast my screen right now. It works great with MX Player.

  14. Apk people !

      1. Seems the link got pulled. :-(

        1. I got it on

      2. Thank you good sir!

  15. It works pretty good! I just need to find a use for it to make it worth it

  16. At least someone finally posted an honest headline. (“arrives for Chromecast in coming days”) Everyone else today is running around like little kids shouting big news “it’s here” and it’s on Google Play.

  17. this is why I traded in my note 3 for Nexus 5

    1. Both are great phones. Not sure if I’d make the jump either way just for screencasting. It bored me within 5 minutes.

      1. This is far from the only reason I made the jump. My point was that, for me, was to have a phone running pure android enables me not to have to wait to see when my phone will take advantage of googles new features. Plus I got tired of rooting and running touchwiz.

  18. Got the update on my Verizon Note 3 and no Cast Screen option for me.

  19. Just got the upgrade in the UK but no casting yet on my unlocked note 2

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