Here come the custom Android Wear watch faces, first up a Binary Clock



When it comes to Android, the ability to customize and make your device truly yours is one of the top bragging rights of our beloved mobile platform and a large part of the entire Android experience. Seeing as many Android enthusiasts hold this feature in such high regard, you’ll be happy to know that you can now install custom watch faces on your Android Wear smartwatch. The first one to hit Google Play is Byte Me Software’s Binary Watch Face for Android Wear and as the name suggests, it’s a binary clock for your wrist.

Binary Watch Face provides a simple binary display for your smartwatch, helping you earn a few geek points and impress your friends all while being able to read the time in binary format. The companion app, which is installed on your phone, allows you to customize the watch face dot color, adding an extra bit of personalization to your wrist wear. If reading binary isn’t your thing, Byte Me Software has provided an easy guide explaining exactly what the columns of flashing dots on your wrist mean. (Thank you.)


Daniel Ward of Byte Me Software has also published his code over on GitHub, so that other developers can take a crack at Android Wear watch face customization. As orders start to arrive this week for the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, the market for custom watch faces is about to explode on Google Play. We can’t wait.

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  1. A clock I can’t read. Awesome. Maybe I could notifications in Mongolian.

    1. Some people can read binary, some can’t. Thankfully we have a choice. Be on the lookout for more watch faces and one that suits you better.

    2. It takes about 30 seconds to be able to read it, and that’s assuming you’re a monkey with learning disabilities. A normal human can do it in 15.

      Remember, there are 10 types of people on earth: Those who know binary and those who don’t.

      1. I learned the binary system and how to count binary numbers over 20 years ago but that’s not what this is. This a binary-decimal clock, and like you said takes several seconds to read so it’s not a very useful clock unless you have a lot of experience reading them and can instantaneously identify all the visual permuations of the clock. Cool clock but not very practical.

      2. I thought there were 3 types of people. Those who can count and those who can’t.

  2. Waiting for the one star reviews of people complaining the app won’t work on their phone.

  3. A bit easier than true binary to read as they’ve done it per digit instead of the full numbers. Can’t see many people using it for a day to day clock though.

    1. That technique – Binary Coded Decimal – does make it much less daunting once you get used to looking at it in columns. Kids actually seem to find that type of layout quite intuitive

  4. I…still dont get it :'(

    1. Thanks! I had to laugh at the draw app. Do you really want to draw on a screen that’s that is only a little larger than your thumb?

      1. Lol. That app will be useful once Samsung releases the Gear Note Live with stylus support.

  5. Next watch face: Predator Self-Destruct.

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