Jul 6th, 2014


As shipments for the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live start to arrive this week, new smartwatch owners are going to be chomping at the bit to get the most out of Android Wear. We’re going to add Wear Aware to our upcoming list of must have applications for your wrist.

Wear Aware acts as a smartphone leash, notifying you whenever your phone gets out of range and loses Bluetooth connectivity. When this occurs, your wrist will immediately begin vibrating, buzzing, and the display on your smartwatch will turn bright red letting you know that you forgot your precious phone. This is the very first release of the app, so expect bugs and there’s also bound to be room for improvement.

It’s worth mentioning that this functionality isn’t meant to replace Google’s Android Device Manager for finding lost phones. If you’re in the habit of walking away from your phone or leaving your phone behind as you go about your day, this app is for you.

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