Google I/O attendees receive not one, but two Android Wear devices



Google I/O has been known as a bit of a second Christmas for Android fans, and Google again delivered at their 2014 developer conference. While the overall event was short on actual device announcements, a focus on Android Wear meant Google was eager to get new wearable from partners like LG and Samsung onto the wrists of attendees. All making the trip to Google I/O will leave with either an LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live smartwatch in addition to a Moto 360 when it ships later this summer.

Sundar Pichai pointed to the differing form factors when presenting those at the show with the devices they would be able to take home. Both Samsung and LG’s Android Wear offerings utilize a square form factor, but Pichai wanted to make sure developers would get a chance to experience the round Android Wear face of the Moto 360 as well.

Google made wearables a focus this year, and the decision to provide attendees with multiple devices further shows their commitment to promoting app service developments for Android Wear. We’ll be snagging our own ASAP and will report back with hands-on and initial impressions shortly.

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  1. Funny that it’s exactly 6 mo. from christmas

      Its antichristmas
      That site made me cry :'(

  2. I assume the price of attendance is much greater than the MSRP for both watches?

    1. $900 for attendance, so I hope the watches will be less.
      Although I think there is a discounted price of attendance at $300 for students, so that’s probably less than the two watches…

      1. Damn, I would’ve gone if the prize was two watches at a $300 ticket even though I haven’t done more computer classes than a C++ coding class and a tech history and application class.

      2. Don’t forgot to all figure in transportation (airplane?) and housing (hotel?) to/in San Francisco. Not cheap ;)

        1. True. Although if you already live in/nearby SF and are a student, you could actually end up making money, depending on how much you can sell the watches for.
          Although lets be real, nobody with a soul is selling the watch they’re getting today… At least not until they get their Moto 360s.

  3. I wish I was in attendance>

    1. shell out 75000 inr , and pray that you make cut in the limited seats, you have, its damn tuff than jee

  4. What was with the cardboard?

    1. You put your phone in it and strap it to your face and it acts as a pseudo-VR headset.

  5. Free is free I guess, but the 360 is the best of the lot, though even that one is gimped. Man, why couldn’t they have packed the sensors for the 360 into a circular “bezel” around the edge of the screen to make it a full circle, instead of doing that stupid chin? :(

  6. “attendees” are supposed to be mostly “developers”, in which case giving out freebies is a very smart way of getting prototypes out, since the people there are typically also the most eager to develop for their latest platforms.

  7. Don’t forget about the #cardboard VR headset!

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