Samsung Galaxy F (not the S5 LTE-A) makes another appearance online, but where’s it headed?


Samsung Galaxy F Glowing Gold evleaks

It appears we haven’t seen the last of the Samsung Galaxy F. After Samsung officially took the wraps off the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A — their super premium higher-end Galaxy S5 for Korea —  we thought that might have been the last we heard of the Galaxy F. After being the subject of so many leaks from tipster @evleaks, the phone is making yet another appearance online, this time in what Samsung is allegedly calling their “Glowing Gold” color variant.

The phone looks no different than the Galaxy S5 LTE-A and despite Samsung’s claims that the phone wont be making its way out of South Korea, we wouldn’t at all be surprised to find the phone being rebranded as the Galaxy F. Renaming the phone entirely as a completely separate line could be Samsung’s way of avoiding stepping on the toes of those who recently purchased Samsung’s current flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5. Buyer’s remorse isn’t the feeling you want associated with your flagship line.

Exactly where the Samsung Galaxy F is headed is anyone’s guess. But with the phone still making appearances online, you can bet this isn’t the last we hear of Samsung’s even more premium Galaxy phone.


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  1. A South Korea company taking care of its own with a better version of their global flagship? If it was an American company doing this I wouldn’t have a problem so… do you boo boo!

    1. True. I’d love to have something that others can’t have. =.3

    2. yeah most people didnt seem to care when the US got better versions of some phones.

    3. No one would be complaining if that was the whole story. The reason people are mad is that they are afraid Samsung WILL bring the S5 Prime to the US. If the Prime or F or whatever it’s called stays in Korea, then it will just be another fantasy phone like the Japanese “keitai” phones, and no one will care. If it comes to the US, however, everyone who bought an S5 will feel screwed.

      1. There’s another good point.

      2. This line of though it’s like Camaro owners mad if a new Corvette or higher end GM brand car was released in the middle of the year…
        The S5 will be the same, no matter what phone comes next. If it’s was good for you 2 months ago, it will be OK for the rest of the year…

  2. Samsung has made a habit of fast new releases. I had the first S4 to hit the Metro PCS stores last year and within 3 months the rumors of the S5 were out and there was a potential release date.

    You can’t worry about “keeping up with the Jones” if you’re buying Samsung.

    Their market goal is to depose Apple and if they’re outpacing Apple, they believe they stand a better chance for not only steady small gains in market percentage, but in hitting the jackpot and grabbing a BIG chunk from Apple, sooner or later.

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