Jun 19th, 2014

sonic dash

Well, would you look at that — our beloved Android mascot is finding himself all over the place these days. His latest adventures take him into the world of Sonic Dash, where he is now a playable character that can square off against the fastest hedgehog in the game. Oddly enough you won’t be able to use the Bugdroid forever as Sega has pegged this as a limited time promotion.

But if you did want a lasting memory of the little green guy then you’ll want to get some practice in and make sure you do well: you’ll be able to unlock “Andronic,” which — as you might have guessed — is Sonic made to look like a robot. It’s a bit of an odd look for Sega’s long-time mascot, but we aren’t complaining. Give it a shot for free in the Google Play Store.