The alleged Moto X+1 makes another appearance… in a sandwich bag [VIDEO]


Motorola Moto X Plus 1 sandwich bag

As promised, TK Tech News is back with yet another alleged Motorola Moto X+1 leak, this time showing off the device as it appears… in a sandwich bag. Yes, folks, according to our man TK, this was in an effort to cover all the identifying marks on the phone. Before you call shenanigans, keep in mind TK is promising to follow up with more footage of the device (outside the bag this time) in a comparison with the original Moto X.

TK goes on to note that the phone is overall bigger than the original Moto X and comes with a 1080p display. The reason for not diving into the settings is apparently they’re protected by a password, so the software information couldn’t be displayed. A likely story? Check out the video below for yourself and let us know what you think.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Looks like a great screen.

      1. hopefully burn in proof. my moto x has some minor burn in already.

        1. I thought OLED was supposed to be burn in proof? I guess not.

          1. Yeah, my GS3 (AMOLED) has some bad burn-in from Waze.

          2. Does Waze use a lot of blues, or blue tinted colors? I’ve read that the blue pigment has been a challenge in OLED development.

      2. Yep, AMOLED looks great on my Note 3, so the expectations are high on any device using it. The new Galaxy S Tabs w/ the AMOLED displays look great too!

  2. Why doesn’t he put a Nexus 5 or Galaxy S4 next to it as size comparisons if the Moto X+1 screen did get bigger? Or any other phone next to it?

    1. Give it time. I don’t believe TK is purposely trying to mislead anyone, he’s just excited about leaking the phone early. Like I said with the last leak, we’ll soon find out if the phone is legit or not. Given his previous leaks, I’m inclined to believe him.

      1. yeah, so excited, he couldn’t get tape first, he just had a baggy and white out.

        1. Hey, man. When’s the last time you saw a perfect leak? Seems they always leave something to be desired. Ha.

          1. I leaked the Motorola Photon 4G and didn’t cover anything up. Needless to say Motorola cut that short quick…

          2. I make an argument for the press shots. Those are always fun. (I’m thinking of the M8)

          3. Yeah but this is a whole new level…

        2. That’s because the leaks are usually planned by the marketing department…

  3. May be a bit early – but where is the DE?

    1. Not just early but stupid too

      1. It was a bit /s but not sure why it would be stupid.

    2. what’s a DE?


  4. Dude. Tape up the entire sides of it. I would be looking for “identifiable” marks like scuffing where the tape or paint is on the unit to find out which employee’s phone went missing

  5. Doesn’t look legit.

  6. If it ships with the sandwich bag does that make it waterproof?

  7. No audio on this PC, but it looks like it child just be a Moto X in a bag. There are zero physical or software differences that I can see

  8. Is it running vanilla android??

  9. Now is the “Okay, Google Now” feature actually not working, or is it just not working because he was doing wrong?

  10. I want my 5 minutes back, I didn’t learn much from this leak. Waiting for the bagless one.

  11. Ok, where is the third video? Been waiting patiently.

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