Jun 18th, 2014

Jawbone Mini Jambox addons

After upgrading the Mini Jambox’s software to enable multi-play (the ability to sync up multiple Jambox’s for added oomph), Jawbone is here introducing a few new offers. First up, the Mini Jambox is being discounted to $130 from the Jawbone online store. While that’s a little pricier than you’ll find from online retailers like Amazon who offer the Mini for about $110, Jawbone is offering a few exclusive add-on options.

Mini Jambox add-ons

First up, you can now get the Mini engraved completely free of charge. This would not only add a personal touch should you purchase one as a gift, but even if you keep one for yourself, having your name/phone number branded on the device could help ensure the accessory returns to you should you ever lose it. Jawbone is also offering a new Liquipel option for $50. This will give the Mini some added water resistance, albeit at a slightly higher cost. Lastly, they’re also offering new cotton woven carrying cases for $30 should you want to further protect your investment while traveling.

Jawbone offers free shipping on the Mini and a full 60-day money back guarantee. For those interested, you can find the Mini Jambox in all 9 color options via the link below.

[Jawbone Mini Jambox]

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