Hexoskin’s smart fitness clothing is now compatible with Android devices


Hexoskin app products

Recently, there’s been a veritable boom in the amount of “smart” products looking to augment our lives. During CES 2014, we saw first hand the sheer amount of wearables (tech’s latest buzzword) that would soon hit the market. Everything from wrist bands to smart water bottles, it seems where wearables serve the best purpose is in health and fitness. That’s where Hexoskin comes in.

After successfully kicking off an Indiegogo campaign last year for smart clothing that closely monitors movement, respiration, and heart rate, Hexoskin is finally ready to support Android devices with their new app. Fresh off the Google Play Store, the Hexoskin application gives Android users the ability to wirelessly tap into the all the real-time information gathered from the smart shirt. Things like sleep efficiency and training plans — you’re going to need the app for the shirt to offer any benefits.

Hexoskin app for Android

We’re not sure how many of our readers are health nuts, but considering the smart shirt was exclusively an iOS affair should bring a few new customers into the fold. Check out the promo video for Hexoskin below, and you can learn more about the wearable by visiting their official site here.

 Download on Google Play: Hexoskin

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  1. Seems like something I’d try, but $399 is a bit steep.

  2. $400 for a starter kit and $2500 for multiple shirts? Uh, no.

    1. Hi! $2500 is for multiple kits actually. An extra shirt costs $175. It’s not a regular tank top, it’s loaded with hi-tech textile sensors. That’s why it doesn’t cost $15.

      1. Lol, of course the tech dictates the price. Still crazy expensive and only for niche market.

        1. It’s not *that* expensive if you compare it to the hardware you usually need to measure one’s heart rate, ECG, minute ventilation, etc… usually a full-blown lab with a treadmill, a doctor, sensors stuck to your shaved chest, a face-mask, etc… but I understand what you mean! I forgot to mention it’s compatible with all popular lightsabers.

  3. Priced just like any other product for douche-bags.

  4. As someone who has PVCs (electrical heart problem) this is fantastic. Instead of wearing a holter monitor with a bunch of sensors I’ll simply wear this to monitor my condition. And to use a holter monitor just for 24 hours it costs the insurance company thousands.

  5. NOW it’s a cool company. Can be useful for people with specific conditions. Gotta love tech.

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