Jun 17th, 2014

Yelp direct messaging update

In its conquest to become the de facto source for business listings and reviews, Yelp is announcing yet another new feature for desktop and mobile. Available today, Yelp users can now send direct messages to businesses straight from their Yelp business listings. If you hop inside the Yelp app, you’ll now see the option appear (participating businesses only) right in the listing. For business owners, received messages will be forwarded to their email account, where they can then be replied to right from the email.

Yelp Business Message email screenshot

In our busy lives, sometimes picking up the phone to inquire about services (or complain about service) isn’t the easiest way of going about things. For those that work long hours in the office, sending a simple message could provide a much better convenience. It could also help act as a buffer. A 1-star review from a jaded Yelper who received a wrong order can hurt a business far more than they know. Being able to directly message business is a great way to handle customer service issues outside away from public view.

You’ll find the new direct messaging feature in both Yelp for Android and iOS, as well as the desktop. Download link provided below.

[Official Yelp Blog]