OnePlus ‘Storm of Invites’ promo will have you jumping through a few hoops for a chance at buying the phone


OnePlus One storm of invites promotion

If you’re still itching for a chance to pick up the OnePlus One, you — and about 2,500 others — now have your best chance yet. The startup announced an all new promotion via their Google+ page that, according to them, will rain a storm of invites upon lucky fans. Of course like most things OnePlus…. there’s a catch.

OnePlus One 64GB Sandstone Black

Really it’s not much. All you have to do is plug the company across a variety of social networks for a chance at winning one of the 2,500 invites being given out for the 64GB “Sandstone black” model. To make things interesting, 1 lucky participant will win a free OnePlus One 64GB completely free of charge. Here are a few of the “hoops” you’ll need to jump through (each one is worth 1 entry), but it’s up to you to decide if they’re worth it for an invite:

  • Like OnePlus on Facebook
  • Join the OnePlus mailing list
  • Tweet about the “giveaway” on Twitter
  • Follow OnePlus on Instagram
  • Write a message on the OnePlus forums

With already 126,000+ entries, your chances of winning an invite aren’t exactly in your favor. Here’s to hoping they’ll soon open the flood gates and finally give everyone who wants to purchase the Cyanogen phone a chance at owning one before things turn sour.

[OnePlus Storm of Invites promotion]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Never Settle…

    for actually being able to purchase a phone.

  2. bleh, oneplus reminds me too much of Notion Ink, all hype and no show. think I’ll pay premium and get the lg g3, knowing I’ll have my phone in two weeks without hoop jumping.

    1. Do you know when lg g3 will be released? I’m waiting for that one too.

      1. I’ve seen 6th of July on a couple of sites, I’m in the Netherlands by the way

        1. I should have made it clear and said USA release date. i think I’m becoming too much like an American assuming the world is just US.

    2. That’s what’s great about established institutions like LG and other large boys, you know when and where you’ll be able to get their newest device. You don’t have to try and score an invite to Best Buy in order to buy it.

  3. Meh, I’ve lost interest. I’m not jumping through hoops.. if they wanna release a phone, release a phone. I’m done advertising for companies like this with social media accounts.

    1. “will rain a storm of invites upon lucky fans”

      EVERY consumer out there should be the “lucky” ones. This is ridiculous. Can’t be a proper mobile phone manufacture? Don’t come out of your garage until you’re ready to sell hundreds of thousands of devices at release. How amateur these people are.

  4. I don’t understand the need to do all this publicity. People will lose interest in this device. OnePlus, release it for the general public soon enough before its too late

    1. Yeah, I’ve lost interest. I also don’t like this company making their prospective customers do their marketing with all the liking, following and commenting on social media. It’s not like many people have actually had the phone in their hands to find out if they actually like it.

      1. The at the way they market it and got the Price so low. The only marketing is word of mouth

  5. Nope, bought myself the Xperia Z2 and not looking back. These people are nothing but idiots.

    1. Just because the Xperia Z2 is a far superior phone in OUR opinions, doesn’t mean that you can insult other readers. This phone is also great for certain people.

      1. I did not mean the people who buy them are idiots, although their reasoning going through this process is questionable at least, I meant the company behind this product.

  6. Probably have better luck just selling the thing like normal people do.

  7. I’ve been jumping through their bloody hoops since march. About time I got one of these phones…. ): [

  8. i guess the person in charge of marketing still has not been fired

  9. 224K entries as of this writing lol – good luck to all. there will prob be something like 1 million by the time this is over

  10. Screw this man. Either sell the phone or dont. FOH.

  11. Moto X+1 will most likely be my next phone, unless I don’t like stay I see. I wanted this phone, but I’m moving on.

  12. 126,000+ entries??? Why are so many people whoring themselves out just to get a tiny chance of buying this product???

  13. I’m fine with an invite system and waiting for one. But there’s no way I’m going to be led around by the nose in the hopes of having a chance to “win” an invite. My interest in this device has waned.

  14. meanwhile, people continue to participate in these contests and despite all the venom this company has received there have been 20k more signups to their forum in the last two weeks.

    it’s not working….TROLL HARDER!

  15. Thanks for hurting my chances of winning with this article.

  16. By the time you get this phone there will be better out there on the market.

    1. There are already dozens of better phones available. It’s simply a matter of the specs for the price, and how much people are willing to sell their dignity for. For me, I think I’d rather pay full price for something else.

      1. There are very few better phones out if any

      2. The savings on the phone are minimal when you compare to 3 months on a Canadian carrier.. Lol. Might as well get the G3

  17. I had been defending them but when I got my email saying I had to do all this stuff with social media just to get an invite I changed my mind. I still think that the phone will be a nice addition but I gave up my Facebook and Twitter. Thanks but no thanks

  18. All this jumping through hoops to score an invite is getting old. If this phone is not released for public purchase by mid July I’m taking my money elsewhere.

  19. lol – so guess what, I’m receiving an invite to get a 64GB one because I was an early supporter. So none of the shennanigans of playing around with twitter or facebook to “earn” an invite.
    Hmm.. . do I get one or not? I had my mind set on the G3.. I wasnt planning to #Settle for the Opo. probably not going to bother..

    1. Well these would be the questions guiding my logic (If I had such an opportunity):

      1. Are the distinct advantages of the G3 (screen resolution, microSD, removable battery) worth it to you, considering the premium in pricing could nearly buy you another 1+1 (I’m speculating ~+$250 to +$300 USD)?

      2. Can you wait another month or so for the LG G3 to become available?

      3. Are you comfortable enough purchasing the first batch of 64GB units “sight-unseen” by anyone in the reviewing community?

      PS: For me, I think I’d probably take the plunge and buy today given the opportunity. If you should decide to not use your invite I’d be a happy recipient =)!

      PPS: To Point #3 above, just found an unboxing of the first retail 64GB batch today over at droid life:

      1. Thanks for the reply.

        Sounds like the OnePlus will cost me around $CA440 when delivered.. based on posts on the Opo forums from other Canadians.
        I expect the G3 to come in at $CA650-$699+tax

        Waiting to see if the G3 D852 model that Canada gets has a FM Radio. D855 International/UK model apparently does.

        Things I need/think important coming from a HTC M7

        1) Decent camera
        2) FM Radio
        3) Decent Speakers
        4) good call audio

        Nice to haves
        * SD Card support
        * Wireless charging
        * good warranty/return/support stream

        And, dont worry, if I dont use the invite, I’ll ping you back on Discus.


  20. Looks like odds are a little worse than 1 in 100 per entry right now.

    Does anyone recall how many entries there were in the last invite raffle? I’m kind of curious whether this second raffle could be construed as a public metric of increasing/decreasing interest over time…

  21. Worst. Phone. Launch. Ever.

    1. Sadly yes, this invite system is horrible.
      If they have 126,000 entries for this contest, they should order at least 200,000 64 GB versions and send everyone an invite.
      A cool phone for a great price that you can’t buy isn’t that great.
      Still, I entered anyway lol.

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