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Some very interesting news broke out of the Wall Street Journal this morning, with the publication reporting that Nuance has been eyeing a possibility of a sale of the company. Even more interesting is that the biggest sales talks with potential buyers has been with Samsung, the company who first popularized Nuance’s Swype keyboard.

It’ll be a pretty interesting ordeal if true, especially considering Nuance also has strong ties with Apple. The company is largely responsible for Siri’s backbone. We’re not sure how a sale to Samsung would change things in that regard, but you have to imagine the guys in Cupertino won’t be happy if their biggest competitor ends up snatching the rug from the beneath them.

It’s worth noting that Samsung isn’t the only potential buyer in all this. Wall Street Journal reports that Nuance has also been in talks with private investors, as well as unnamed companies in a number of other industries.

It’s important to remember that Nuance isn’t responsible for just Swype and Siri — they have the entirety of the impressive Dragon NaturallySpeaking technology under their belts. That makes them a prime target for many big business players.

We’re not sure if there will be anything more than money that will influence Nuance’s decision, but Samsung should be able to win a moderate bidding war should it come down to that. All that’s left to do is wait and see how all of this develops.

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  1. I was a Swype devote until Google added “swipe” to their keyboard, and now that’s all I use since it’s much lighter. Swype should sellout.

    1. I can’t stand Google or Samsung’s versions of swipe texting. Both are slower to me. I’ll stick to Swype, personally.

    2. Every other keyboard on the play store has this function now, but no one does it as smooth and accurate as Swype.

      1. I didn’t notice much of an accuracy difference with Google’s swiping (except early on), so it was painless to switch. Don’t miss the themes either. *shrug*

    3. I’ve been a fan of SwiftKey much more than Google and Swipe keyboards, but everyone has their preferences.

      1. I have used many different swipe keyboards, non are better than SwiftKey to me. I do like Swype, but Swiftkey seems to have more features.

  2. In fact, swype, siri’s reocognition engine and dragon combined don’t even make up 50% of Nuance.
    That just shows you how everyone in wall street just talk out of their …what’s the body part I’m going for here.

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