Newly leaked T-Mobile screenshots could reveal changes coming with Uncarrier 5.0


T-Mobile simplified billing 3

The whole world is racking their brains trying to figure out exactly what T-Mobile could announce during tomorrow’s Uncarrier 5.0 event. Like previous events, T-Mobile is setting out to eliminate customer pain points associated with the wireless industry today, but how? Well, after rumors suggested T-Mobile would simplify billing, the folks at TmoNews are here with a few leaked screenshots for extra confirmation.

First on the chopping block are prorated charges. Because no one like’s surprises on their bills, T-Mobile will eliminate their current prorated system which can sometimes leave customers with “bill shock” after seeing that first monthly bill (you know, before things drop down to normal later down the road). This means whatever the customer signs up for in the store like, say, a $70 month plan — that’s exactly what they’ll find on their first and subsequent month’s bills.

T-Mobile Simplified Billing 2

To help speed up the process of waiting around for that first EIP (equipment installment plan) payment, the first payment will be included on the very first bill, from the moment you signed up. Once again, taking out a lot of the guess work or shock that comes with seeing your low monthly payments suddenly skyrocket.

While previous rumors suggested that T-Mobile’s new simplified billing initiative would offer an “all in” what-you-see-is-what-you-get pricing (for instance, a $70 a month plan after fees and taxes would be just that — $70), that wasn’t mentioned in the leaked documentation. Of course, we’ll have to see how much of this will be confirmed during T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 5.0 event scheduled for tomorrow. Something tells us they may have a few more surprises in store.


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  1. Prime example of why competition is good.

    1. That’s brilliant business. Include all taxes in the advertised price, how wonderful is that? I’d also LOVE to see OEMs advertise the actual internal storage available AFTER the OS takes whatever space it needs.

      1. I couldn’t agree more Roaduardo. The space question is so blatantly misleading to customers. Transparency would be a welcome change. Btw, why do people use other carriers? Tmobile has solid coverage, no contracts, an amazing prices

        1. Well I do wonder if they could just provide the extra storage for the OS then have 16/32/64GB left over for the user legit. Can that be done? I can’t help you about the carrier habits of others, I’m sure there are more complex reasons why they’re with their perspective providers. In my case I’m switching to Tmo next month from Sprint if these changes they’re teasing are going to be real.

        2. Well I know for me, I live in Mississippi and T-Mobiles coverage is terrible. Having a cheap bill is great and all but not if you can’t use your phone.

        3. Tmobile may have solid coverage where you live, but I had them for 2 years and couldn’t get a signal in most buildings and even when I did It was EDGE and not even 3G. At my mother-in-laws we got absolutely no signal. I would love to go back to Tmoblie, but they have to grow their network a lot before I would give them another shot.

  2. Wish T-Mo was enough competition to sway verizon…

    1. VZW’s been ahead of the game for a very long time. It would really take A LOT to dethrone them as America’s #1 wireless carrier.

      Now I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s improbable. I could see a large shrinkage in AT&T subscribers if T-Mobile continue the plan to shift EDGE to LTE.

      1. Your aware that at&t moved into first place this quarter right? And they had a record breaking 1st quarter with the lowest churn rate in the industry.

        1. You are incorrect about your statistics.

          #1. Verizon 122 million total connections (Retail and B2B)

          #2. AT&T 116.1 Million total connections (Retail and B2B)

          #3. Sprint 54.6 Million total connections (Retail and B2B)

          #4. T-Mobile 49.1 Million total connections (Retail and B2B).

          Fact checked on Wikipedia:

          1. Baahahaahahhahaha fact checked on wiki!!???? Oh man that’s funny. Anyway as per your “facts” they are based on the first quarter as noted in the reference section of the “fact” and my statment clearly says it is based off this quarter. But thanks for playing!


            That’s as of the first quarter , so as if this quarter they moved into first

          3. First… Your posted link doesn’t show any numbers. It’s conjecture from a parallel site…

            Second… While Wikipedia is NOT the end all be all for accuracy, the SOURCE LINKS that were provided ON THE WIKIPEDIA PAGE ARE. Read them instead of being ridiculous.

            THIRD… You led yourself to slaughter. The very link you posted discredits what came out of your mouth. The link you posted says “Virtually tied”. Virtually tied does NOT mean “AT&T Took over 1st place”.

            Find a brain and use it troll.

            /seacrest out *drops the mic and walks away*

          4. Tied in first quarter this is second quarter. Were we blew Verizon away in gross adds. So keep walking away lil girl, the grown ups are talking!

          5. Ahem. First.. we’re still IN the second quarter. Second, again you speak nothing but conjecture. S H O W A N Y F A C T S T H A T S U P P O R T Y O U R C L A I M.

            Oh wait, you can’t. it’s STILL the 2nd quarter. those numbers haven’t been posted yet.

          6. AGAIN. FORECASTS.

            I have gone ahead and imported the definition of forecast in case you aren’t certain of what it means.

            Ultimately, here’s what I can see from your posts:

            #1. You are an AT&T Fan Boy. That’s fine. it happens.
            #2. I am completely impartial. AT&T isn’t a bad carrier, nor have I said they are. I like AT&T.
            #3. Until the numbers have resolved, and what you are saying is backed by concrete proof,


            Who knows. Maybe in a month or two when they publish #’s, you’ll be right. if so.. yay for you. *does a dance*

            As of right now, you are wrong. No numbers published anywhere show AT&T having as many customers as Verizon, and you are banking on something that hasn’t happened yet.

            Would you like to continue, or have I sufficiently dis-proved your entire point?

          7. I win!

  3. This “NEW” T-Mobile sounds like the old Suncom before they were bought out by T-Mobile. Everything with the “uncarrier” is the same as Suncoms UnPlan.

  4. Lucky for me T-Mobile in my area is just as good as Verizon and AT&T but a lot cheaper.

    1. Same here. In Miami my LTE is blazing fast.

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