Galaxy Tab S United States presales begin tomorrow



Our European friends got first crack at pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets that were announced last week, and now it’s the United States’ turn. Samsung has announced that pre-sales for the devices will begin starting tomorrow, June 17th.

The WiFi-only 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch editions are $400 and $500 respectively, and should be up on Samsung’s site by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. Samsung is also planning to sell the tablet at Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, PC Richard & Sons and more, so check with those retailers to see what their respective pre-sale plans are.

As for the 4G LTE models for all four major carriers? Those won’t be available to buy just yet, though we’re sure each carrier will share availability information as soon as they’re ready. Look for the WiFi models to arrive in July, and if you need a taste of what you’re in store for you can check out our video hands-on straight from Samsung’s unveiling event.

[via Samsung]

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  1. So I guess this is another ‘high end’ tablet with no 32gb internal storage options?

    1. Best Buy carries the 32gb version as an exclusive for $50 more.

  2. Besides a faster cpu and more ram, is there anything that will really wow me on a new droid tablet compared to my first gen samsung galaxy tab 10.1? Not really seeing a reason anybody would pay for a new one, I am still wondering why I bought one to begin with. Between my S4 phone and macbook pro there is no reason to have a tablet. I cant believe they are releasing new ones every year, marginally better specs each year but def not worth the money when you can get a nexus tablet for 150.

    1. Droid tablet?

      1. That’s what I was thinking. Hasn’t it been years since there was a droid tablet?

        1. when i say droid i mean android tablet. I have the first ever 10.1 samsung android tablet and it still works perfectly. Sure beefier specs r nice but my point is why would anybody buy the newest tab unless they ofcourse are rich? The nexus tablets are cheap. Nobody is using them as a laptop replacement, atleast not effectively, or else they never really did much to begin with on a laptop. I get buying a new s5 when it comes out, the latest and greatest, cuz you can get it for 99 bucks on contract and you use it all the time. But that is a phone, not a tablet, aka a toy.

          1. Tablets aren’t necessarily “toys”. Just because you don’t use yours productively, doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t.

          2. tablets are toys. No tablet can hold a candle to the power of a macbook pro laptop. Not even in the same league. paying bills on a tablet does not require anything but the cheapest oldest samsung tablet, certainly no need for a 500 dollar one. Hey I own a tablet myself, they are fun. But not equal to a high end laptop, thats foresure. High end laptops do cost double a high end tablet, so there is that. As much as I love android, my galaxy tab collects dust because the speed, comfort, and usability of the trackpad on my macbook pro blows any tablet, old or new, out of the water. I use my S4 until I want something with a large screen.

          3. Well most tablets have a quad core processor, while the basic macbook pro has a dual core…
            Yes, there is much more you can do on a desktop os, but tablets do have their place. In my opinion, the best device if you want a tablet/laptop would be the surface 3. It’s a nice device with a decent amount of power and a full Windows 8 experience.
            Personally I just use a macbook and my phone, because for me I don’t need a tablet, but there are some people who do.

          4. Dwight, just don’t. Comparing desktop or even laptop to mobile components only shows your ignorance at the performance difference between the two.

            The surface 3 is a step in the right direction but they run at reduced clockspeeds compared to laptops and desktops, a good laptop will be a lot quicker than a surface 3.

          5. Yes, but I’m just trying to say that the surface 3 can do a lot more than people give it credit for.

          6. If you want to get down to it, you don’t need a smartphone either. It’s just a useful toy that people could get by without. I have replaced all my computing with my tablet and phone. I use my tablet every day, and not just for recreation. For paying bills and other important things. I’m not getting a Samsung tablet because I don’t like Samsung. But if I did the display itself would be enough for me to upgrade.

    2. You have no use for a new tablet, so nobody in world needs a new one? You don’t need/want the latest specs, so nobody needs/wants the latest specs?

  3. cough cough… been available for presale in US……….. Best Buy since its announcement.

  4. thats not expensive..
    Check out what samsung is hiding in it ??

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