Google Fit is Google’s play to track health data for Android apps


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Google I/O is just two weeks away, and the leaks about what we might see are getting hot. The latest leak comes from the folks at Forbes. They are reporting that Google is ready to unveil a new health and fitness tracking platform called “Google Fit.” Like most Google services, all of the data that is collected will be accessible through the cloud. The goal is to standardize health and fitness data on Android.

Google Fit will be similar to Apple’s HealthKit. It’s a collection of APIs that can be used by developers to aggregate health data. Anyone that makes an app can easily plug in some code and get access to powerful health and fitness features. Obviously this will be a big part of Android Wear. Google Fit will likely be an integral part in what Android Wear devices can do. We don’t know much more about Google Fit, but in just a couple of weeks we will learn a lot more.

Are you interested in Google Fit? Do you want health and fitness tracking in your smartwatch?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. We first heard about this back in January ( It’s nice to see that it’s going to turn into an actual service with all of our fitness data tied to our Google account. Having the ability to tap into that data via an applicable API should lead to very powerful applications and hardware choices.

  2. I like the idea but hate giving Google such information. They are sneaky with their good guy image but what’s behind the curtain is a bunch of people wanting you to give up your privacy and your health should be totally totally private

    1. You can always go back to a dumb phone or not use the service

    2. Oh really? Can you give me examples of when and how this has happened in the past?

  3. I’m mostly concerned with that logo… That’s one of the ugliest versions of Andy that I’ve seen…

    1. It’s not an official logo…it looks to be from the Androidify app.

      1. Thank god.. That shirt just looks so weird, and the hair with the sweatband.. Ugh.

        1. If the hair was curly would look kinda like Richard Simmons android LOL

    2. lol yeah, it’s from Androidify.

  4. So not only will I know how out of shape I am but Google will know as well? If they want that info all they have to do is call my wife or kids. They have no issues with forking over that info.

  5. My question is how this and Apple’s Health Kit “compete.” Will app developers/users be forced to choose one platform over the other?

  6. Interesting. I like to Cycle and wonder what the app will offer me that Runtastic Road Bike doesn’t offer me.

  7. I was a big fan of Google Health until they decided out of the blue to dump the service. I’m now worried about investing my time (and data) in any non-major Google service in case they do it again. Too many times now this has happened, Health, AppInventor, Reader, etc, etc

    1. I am beginning to feel the very same way. I’ve even heard rumors that Google Voice (which I use CONSTANTLY) is going to be put to rest. It makes me think twice, that’s for sure.

  8. “Do you want health and fitness tracking in your smartwatch?”

    That’s the main reason I’d bother to get one.

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