Logitech announces Type-S Bluetooth keyboard case for the Galaxy Tab S 10.5



Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S “Premier” event has just concluded, but it didn’t take long for 3rd party manufacturers to begin announcing new products built especially for the tabs. Logitech is the first on board the Tab S train, announcing a new Bluetooth keyboard specifically for the Tab S 10.5, dubbed the Logitech Type-S.

The keyboard also doubles as a case to help protect your shiny new Tab S 10.5 from injury, even going as far as featuring “water repellant” materials — but don’t go dunking it in the pool or anything. Logitech says the Type-S will officially go on sale later this month for $100, not too long after the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.4 and 8.4 are officially up for pre-order.


Chris Chavez
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  2. I’d rather get a surface 3 or a chromebook…

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